Introducing the New Acrylic Lite – Landscape photography will rock

Big Acrylic focuses on acrylic printing. We are constantly brainstorming for new ideas and viable products. The process takes time, yet once a new discovery comes forth, we are confident in the outcome. Now, let us invite you to explore our newest addition, the Acrylic Lite.

Acrylic Lite arose for the client seeking to print on acrylic without the concern of subtle changes in colour and contrast. For many professional artists, the slightest difference alters the entire perception. We understood this challenge and sought out the proper medium. Acrylic Lite offers a more economical option in comparison to the Facemount, with the closest approximation to the classic Acrylic look.

With Acrylic Lite, we print the image on photo paper then place the acrylic overtop. Instead of using the older methods of rigid substrate backing, we supplemented that with a 9-millimetre thin block-out material that permits light from shining through. In turn, the product is lighter in weight, which is especially beneficial for large scale dimensions.

How is this possible?

Rest assured, we use a Latex 365 printer for application that entails a sharp and consistent image quality with excellent curing. Our printer can generate up to 1200 D.P.I – which is great considering 150 – 300 D.P.I produces superb results.

By enforcing optimal bonding, we eliminate any air gaps between the cover cast acrylic and print. By taking it one step further, we use an anti-reflective coating, with anti-smudge and anti-glare treatments to cover the glass. This overall technique improves contrast ratio by reducing the amount of light reflection, thus improving viewability. The effects are optimal for indoor use, where direct sunlight can obscure the overall viewing experience. Acrylic lite looks great in all style including Abstract, Landscape and portraiture styles. 

We currently offer Acrylic Lite in 1/8 and 3/16 thickness, with a display option that includes both float and standoffs.

We feel Acrylic Lite is a great solution for those exhibiting in a gallery or looking to design a stunning décor for a home or office.