Canvases are often not created the same, so buyer beware of online suppliers that offer thin, cheap, options. The material we use is 410 grams, 65% canvas, and 35% polyester, while being stretched onto a 1.5-inch premium grade wood.


What does that mean? A tighter weave and better print surface.

At Big Acrylic, you have the option of two different Canvas prints. The first, a matte canvas, where we use Original HP Vivera Pigment Ink, that guarantees protection against fading. The availability to produce a plethora of colours will transform your print into a stunning piece of art.

A second, Glossy canvas, is another unique offer we embrace. By using Epson ultra-chrome inks, each print unveils a higher pigment density and surface shine. Unlike the matte canvas, the gloss permits a deeper colour saturation and shine.

End Result? Original and Authentic Art!

Customize your Print

All of our custom art prints are made to order. Here is where you will the options to configure your print exactly how you want it.

Once you have configured it to your specifications, click “add to cart” to proceed with your purchase. Have questions? Contact us.

Display Options


1/6″ masonite board can be added before stretching for extra durability and rigidity. Canvas will always look new and fresh.


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