Face Mounting on Acrylic for Fine Art Nature Photography

Art inspires, motivates, and can calm nerves. In a previous blog we spoke about the stress reducing effects of natural scenery. In today’s blog we will look at the field of Fine Art Nature Photography.

These incredible artists capture nature in all her glory. From the swell of an ocean wave or some mist in an underground cave, we are moved deep within ourselves each time we encounter these awe inspiring images. They are also part of an exciting niche of photography with galleries worldwide. Peter Lik, a renowned landscape photographer, has made a significant impact on the international photography market. His nature and panoramic landscape images sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. To date he owns 13 galleries that exclusively sell his images. For these artists, the printing and mounting of their photographs is as important as the images themselves. We have discovered that like us, they prefer face mounting on acrylic in order to really highlight the essence of fine art nature photography.

Peter Lik’s Gallery in Caeser’s Palace, Las Vegas.

Face Mounting on Acrylic

Lik has achieved unparalleled success in the field of nature photography. His presentation style of choice is face mounting on acrylic which creates a modern feel to his art. Face-mounting permanently marries the photograph to the glazing with an interface of synthetic adhesive. There are visual advantages to this system that are very appealing to artists. With face-mounting, the colors of the photograph appear saturated and lush, and the images are appreciated by viewers as “crystal clear.” As air between a photograph and the glazing has been eliminated. And there are no issues of multiple light-reflecting surfaces that can confuse the clear perception of the image. As well, face mounting on acrylic means the image is the star – no bulky frame or bolts causing distraction. The newest generation of contemporary photographs often dispense with frames altogether – they seem to float on the wall like magic windows into other worlds. (1)

“Despite possible cultural pressures, one shouldn’t be apologetic when enjoying natural beauty as subject matter in an art form. It is an island of respite in a world focused on tragedy. Beauty and nature offer the kind of hope and uplift we need for balance and health.”  –Leland D. Howards
Elk in Wilderness by Leland D. Howard

Follow your Heart

Decorating your home or office space is both an art and a science. As well, there are colours that create moods, images that can inspire, and even reduce stress. Further, our engagement to art is multi dimensional involving complex neurological, biological, and social processes. And finally the bottom line is that we “know” when we like something. We know when an image makes us feel good or engages our attention. Therefore, when choosing elements for your home or office follow your heart. Chances are the images that capture you are created by artists doing just that. Scott Papek, a self-taught Fine Art nature photographer, has made a successful career by  photographing what he loves:

“I get asked often how do I know where to go shoot next? I don’t want to discredit the research and vision that’s put in but it’s pretty simple. I’m pretty sure the things you photograph or paint is what you care the most about. I care about water. It could be an ocean, stream, lake, river or waterfall. Everything about being around water hits all my senses at once and instantly puts a spell over my body. Not like voodoo stuff but it’s pretty incredible.”

Our environments can inspire us, motivate us to work harder, and to smile more. Of course, presentation is also key. So whether you are an artist, or just looking to display a picture of a  waterfall, face mounting on acrylic creates a breathtaking and bold statement!

(1) Indiana Museum of Art

(2) http://www.lik.com/theartist/biography.html