Large Acrylic prints is what we do

We always strive to make shopping for large size acrylic and Metals a positive experience.

One of the biggest challenges we experience is shipping large acrylic prints and metal prints that are 40-50 or 40 by 60 inches. Most Print on demand websites don’t offer these sizes for many reasons.

  1. The time it takes to packages and protect the large acrylic prints and metal prints – Not uncommon for to spend 30-40 minutes making sure that each large print is well protected- We do this by using bubble wrap, Foam protectors on all sides, mdf board, and thick corrugated and lastly tons of tape.
  2. Yes, there will be breakages- Even the best packaged large  acrylic prints can crack when shipping. This has nothing to do with the packaging methods we incorporate, but the way Fed Ex or Ups handles the packages.  Sometimes I feel the the fragile stickers we put on the box gives anyone working the logistics chain the license to throw the boxes around more then they would.


We accept the fact that there will be a 2% breakage rate. If a customer received a broken Acrylic all they need to do is to send a photo of the breakage and we send them a new one at no charge.  Again, this has nothing to do with the quality of the product but the risks that are associated when shipping large size acrylics.

Again, weather we use Fed ex, Ups or DHL breakages will occur- Its just part of the cost of doing business. Most breakages occur when carriers stack up the packages on their truck. Even with the Fragile sticker drivers still throw boxes around….

We have even shipped Large Acrylic prints in  protected crates and there was breakage.  Shockingly even crates don’t offer 100 % full proof solution,

We now have increased production time for pieces larger then 40-50″ to 6 to 10 working days. Making sure the packaging is done first rate takes longer then small pieces.