Large acrylic print made easy

We often receive phone calls offering software that would make our website run by itself.  All the bells and whistles come with the software making it user-friendly and the ultimate buying experience.  A big talking point he explained is there would never need to be communication between the buyer and the seller with this kind of software. Some times a customer needs guidance with their large acrylic print

After our initial phone call, i was interested. It was explained that they were the preeminent leader in art gallery and print on demand solutions.

Art store fronts located in Austin Texas claims to have the best product on the market for print studios. While they do offer some interesting bells and whistles their option image  menu which goes on your site is an eye sore, looks outdated and lacks the ability to show real photos in the product selection area.

Once you choose and confirm the size you want it takes you do all the different product options. If you have options within an option of a category it lacks clarity.


However, my main problem with this software is the goal to eliminate contact with customers.  Personally, I enjoy speaking with clients when they need help sizing or determining what material is best suited for their project.    Depending solely on Software to execute a transaction is useless if the customer needs advice . The graphic representations offered by Art store fronts is weak. All product images are line drawings when creating your order. Its hard to see what an large Acrylic print is without seeing it in color


Art storefront also offers a tool the help determine if the size of your file will work for the size you chose. No doubt a good tool,  what happens if the photo is declined because of lack of dpi ? The customer does not create the large acrylic print. We currently work with a software called Blow Up that increases the file size of an large acrylic print.


When people choose the size at big acrylic,  we out it through the software then send for their approval

Because customers are usually spending upwards of $200.00 many of them want to discuss the project- especially if they are ordering more than one piece. Frequently, we invoice manually so the customer can get a better rate on shipping obtain a steeper discount.  To my knowledge, no software does that.

My main concern about all these supposed automated services is the lack communication with the customer. Since our focus is in creating larger pieces that may cost over $400.00 we feel that many customers would want to speak to us about their project

  • Am i choosing the correct style for this piece
  • Will the file be good enough to produce
  • Is there a chance of consolidating pieces to reduce shipping cost
  • if i order more then 5 can i get a better discount