Acrylic is a shatter-resistant and lightweight alternative to glass; it is renowned for its clarity, brilliance, and transparency. The light-capturing properties of acrylic make it ideal for images that feature bold colours, as acrylic has the capacity to enhance vibrant hues.

With our regular acrylic prints, we print your image directly onto acrylic. Our acrylic facemounts print your image directly onto a sheet of specialty paper, which we then adhere to the back of the acrylic. An acrylic facemount leaves no space between the image and the acrylic. The result is a quality that could not be achieved by simply framing and displaying your image behind glass.

Our facemount solution enhances your image and its colours, and produces the highest possible colour accuracy, since the image is first printed on paper and then adhered to the acrylic. The image is protected by acrylic on one side, and backing on the other. Our facemount solution is the ideal choice for professionals, as it produces the highest possible quality of image.

Customize your Print

All of our custom art prints are made to order. Here is where you will the options to configure your print exactly how you want it.

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Print Thickness

If you are accustomed to the organic method of printing your images on photo paper then this may be a great alternative. Colors are vivid and luminous and the Acrylic adds an extra “pop” factor. Acrylic face mounts although costlier then acrylic printing is a marvelous way of displaying art in a gallery section.


Display Options

Wood Float


Dibond Aluminum Float Standoff


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