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Our tensioned fabric lightboxes are the leading solution for retailers, visual merchandisers or offices who want the content.

Our tensioned fabric lightboxes are the leading solution for retailers, visual merchandisers, and corporate offices who want to change content or branding messages. Images are heat-infused onto fabric material, which creates colors that pop. All backlit fabrics are designed to evenly distribute light which prevent hotspots and banding of light, both of which detract from the overall impression of the printed graphic. 

Changing a graphic could not be easier. The silicon edge simply pushes into a recessed groove on the perimeter of the frame, stretching the dye sublimated image across its face, creating a perfect, near frameless backlit display.  We offer a variety of display options which include wall mounted, free standing or hanging. All products are ready for North American shipping.

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Our range of LED light box displays are perfect for corporate, retail and personal projects. Our custom backlit displays have no hot spots and are the leading solution for retailers and visual merchandisers who wish to change the content graphic.  The silicon edge makes it user friendly.

Backlit Fabric

Backlit Fabrics

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