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For those who do not want any reflection, anti-glare acrylic is an upscale offering catering to those who need a less reflective surface for a number of reasons.

Anti-Glare Acrylic is your solution to keeping your art visible and vibrant. This type of acrylic diffuses light differently from regular acrylic, making your print viewable in any environment.

Perfect for gallery settings with bright spotlights, areas in the home or office with tons of natural light, or for those tight spaces with harsh fluorescent lights. Anti-Glare acrylic prints offer a solution to make sure your prints are vibrant and visible from every angle.

Anti-Glare Acrylic Prints
What You Need to Know

What is the difference between anti-glare acrylic and regular acrylic?
Anti-Glare acrylic diffuses light in a more spread out manner, meaning that the surface is less reflective or glossy looking, and more matte. Additionally, anti-glare acrylic is more expensive because it is more specialized.

Should I get an anti-glare acrylic or a classic acrylic print?
For regular decorative use, classic acrylic works for everyone. Anti-glare is not necessary to have a beautiful, visible print. Anti-glare will work best for gallery installations, or for artists who need to photograph their work.

Do you offer anti-glare acrylic in all the same options as classic acrylic?
Mostly yes. Our display options for anti-glare are only stand-off and float, but we can produce all of the sizes, and more, that we can in our regular acrylic.

What are the benefits of anti-glare acrylic?
In addition to less reflection, anti-glare acrylic offers more UV protection. If you plan on hanging your print in direct sunlight, anti-glare may be a good option for you. Over time, UV radiation can slowly fade the inks on the print. Anti-glare tends to offer more longevity against this type of fading.

What are the disadvantages of anti-glare acrylic?
The price is much higher, and occasionally, the anti-glare can make the print appear dull or matte since there is less of the glossy, shiny acrylic look.

What is the lead time?
The same as usual, 6-7 business days. There is no production difference between regular and anti-glare acrylic prints.

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