Acrylic Prints

Large Acrylic Prints (pictures on glass) are far more luminous and intense compared to any other medium.

Acrylic Prints – in basic terms is – pictures on glass. It is an exciting medium that permits printing of any photo onto an acrylic panel.

Colors are more vivid, glossy, with a higher contrast resolution. Originally, Acrylic’s were often in art galleries, modern condo buildings, and photography studios. However, as of recent, they have found their way into homes and offices. In fact, most interior decorators would not complete their project without a custom size Acrylic Print. We can print custom sizes up to 60 by 120 inches.

At Big Acrylic, we ensure quality by printing the photo directly onto the Acrylic via a flatbed printer which differs from standard practices of photo lamination or cased on acrylic sheets.

End result? A masterpiece!

Acrylic Print Thickness

Our most popular choice is the 1/8 inch. Yet, it is personal preference, for the thickness an Acrylic does not alter the quality of an image.

We offer 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, and 3/8 inch acrylic panels. Acrylic prints that have 3/16, 1/4, and 3/8 inch thickness will receive a treatment to smooth the edges. Your image is able to spread to the very ends, creating a translucent effect on all sides.

Acrylic Print Display Options

Our most popular request is the float-off the wall option in 1/8-inch Acrylic. 
It enables a strong support especially for large pieces.

There are three display options to choose from.

Standoff Option

Four brushed standoff screws secure the print to the wall.


Float Option (most popular)

A block is fastened to the back of your art print to float it off the wall by a distance of one inch.


Float Frame Option

Your art print is mounted to the wall by floating in a traditional black frame.



Our Customers love us. Check out some what some of them had to say about BigAcrylic.

  • “Mark was very kind, gave me good advice and answered all my questions weather it was over the phone or through email. My product was delivered on time even if it was a last minute order with a deadline. The result is very nice and I was overall very satisfied with the whole experience. I will definitely go see Mark again to order more products 🙂 “
    Quebec, USA
  • “this was a VERY major undertaking considering the file originated via my IPHONE!! so for me AND my clients to be as pleased with the results (finished work approx 70″x56″) really is a testament to the professionalism Mark and his people exhibit. I can’t wait to contact him with future commissions.”

    Geoffrey N.
    Connecticut, USA
  • “They are fantastic!!! I am a design professional and very demanding and picky. Everyone there bent over backward to help me and answer many questions. The final results were awesome!!! Thank you Mark.”
    Jack R.
    New York, USA
  • “I’m a professional photographer and wanted to be able to offer LARGE SIZED acrylics to my clients… I searched and searched, I found bigacrylic and decided to give them a shot. The prices were reasonable esp for the size of the products I wanted to order. My studio samples arrived and OMG THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! My husband was jealous they were not hanging in our home – but in my studio! I cant WAIT to share with my clients! “
    New Jersey, USA
  • “Very happy with the product. Looks excellent. Website showed me which products I actually wanted, and so was very pleased when it all arrived, even better than I imagined.”
    The L.
    New York, USA
  • “This was my first order and I got timely, on-point suggestions for my display. The work was done quickly, shipped safely and fast and I am very pleased with the quality of the print and display.”
    Paul K.
    Illinois, USA
  • “Mark Alper adds a personal touch. He follows up quickly with answers to customers’ questions. I also enjoy the innovative styles that are offered for taking photographic exhibition to a whole new level. Shipping is a little slow but I realize most of that problem is likely due to the international shipping difficulties.”
    Jim I.
    Missouri, USA
  • We loved our Acrylic print photo. We did 1 small one and 2 large ones and they came out better then expected.

    Joel. E
  • Our high definition Acrylic prints were better then we expected. Mark was nice enough to help us create a large acrylic print from a small photo. It looks great.


    Jules S
    New York
  • We read about glass acrylic prints and it took us awhile to find a vendor who we trusted. Mark and his team were kind enough to make sure we created the correct style.


    Mandy S
  • Although it took a little longer to receive our custom print we were blown away by the end result. Thanks Big Acrylic

    Jed S
  • Our Acrylic prints arrived damaged which freaked us out. We took photo and sent them to big Acrylic and received new ones within 2 weeks. The 2 acrylic prints were done for free.


    New York
  • We loved the glass photo print we did of the family – Just wished we did a little bigger. Would use their service again.

    Dale M.
  • We created custom photo prints in different sizes. Some of the clarity on the large was not as sharp as the small ones but we were told beforehand that would be the case. Good job


    Nathan B
  • Loved the glass  Acrylic print I received!

    Mark P
  • After researching it seemed like Big Acrylic was the most specialized in creating large acrylic prints. We did a few for our office and was pleasantly surprised.

    Jenn C
    North Dakota
  • The glass multi panels look great In our den. We forgot to order the display option but they sent after we called for free. Great service.

    Karen G.

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