Sublimation occurs when a substance changes directly from a solid to gas phase, without going through the intermediate liquid phase.

We begin by printing your image onto transfer paper, and adhering it directly to aluminum. We use a special sublimation dye, specifically created to undergo this unique process. Not only that, we have specially engineered software, to ensure color perfection.

In a custom press, we heat the transfer paper and aluminium to an extremely high temperature. This process turns the dyes from the transfer paper into gas, which are then pressed into the aluminium. The vibrant dye infuses beneath the surface of the aluminum and solidifies to create a permanent image. Metal sublimation prints are among the longest lasting printing methods on the market, not to mention scratch and weather resistant.

The final product boasts a glistening surface and fantastic color range. Metal sublimation prints are ideal for landscape photos, seascape photos, and any image that deserves extra luminosity.

I refer to the metal sublimation as “The print on steroids ‘’

The Look

Display Options

Float Option

A back frame is glued to the back of your print to
float it off the wall by 3/4″ of an inch.


Frame Option

Your metal print lies within
a 1.5″ inch black float frame.



Our Customers love us. Check out some what some of them had to say about BigAcrylic.

  • “I found while searching for a solution to plain framing of artwork for a newly renovated building. In our lobby where there are tons of windows and lighting, I was looking for something with very high quality printing, but without glare. Bigacrylic offers prints on white metal, which was perfect. The prints are beautiful and vibrant. The pieces all came extremely well packaged and shipping was fast. Not only are the prints beautiful, but they are also ready to hang, plus there were a lot of great hanging options available.”

    Karen F.
    Pensylvannia, USA
  • “Great work turning our photos into fantastic wall photo art ….acrylic and metal both look fabulous.”

    Rob S.
    Texas, USA
  • “The product quality and beauty was exceeded only by the customer service that I received from Big Acrylic – and this is saying something: my metal print (sunrise comprised of color shades including reds, oranges, yellows, blues, grays, and black) was absolutely stunning. I unequivocally recommend Big Acrylic.”

    Jeff S.
    Minnesota, USA
  • “We ordered 4 large acrylic photos, one extra large metal and one canvas. They were all great quality and look AMAZING! We had some mistakes on our first order and I spoke with Mark and he replaced the prints at no extra charge. The customer service was great. If you are looking for quality products and good service…look no further!”
    Texas, USA
  • “The images came back beyond my expectations. What really blew me away was the photograph I had mounted on metal. It is now this unique piece of art that looks like a million bucks but was originally a $10 poster. I get so many compliments on it. I had 3 pieces done by big acrylic and I could not be happier. Totally recommend this service!”
    Quebec, Canada
  • “We ordered a large custom print on two brushed metal panels for one of our offices. When the print arrived, it was under shiny acrylic instead of on the brushed metal. While it looked good, it was not what we had ordered. Because of where we needed to hang it, the acrylic caused a bad glare on the image and you couldn’t see it very well. I called Mark at Big Acrylic and let him know. He immediately took responsibility for the order not being on brushed metal and gave us a choice of how to resolve the issue. We chose to have it reprinted on the brushed metal. They took care of everything. Our new print arrived today and I could not be happier! It is beautiful and exactly what we had wanted. Thank you Mark! I can highly recommend Big Acrylic and will certainly order from them again in the future when we need additional artwork.”
    Tricia C.
    North Carolina, USA
  • “I have used Big Acrylic three time now – the quality of the acrylic and metal photos I have gotten are unbelievable. The way they can take a relatively small photo file and blow it up to a big beautiful crystal clear photo is amazing. The quality of the image is so impressive and it is all part of the service – no extra costs. I highly recommend Big Acrylic – their response time to inquiries is lightning fast. Production time and delivery was very fast – and packaging is safe and secure. I’ve not had a quality issue or defective part. We use to use the Discount Canvas companies – Big Acrylic is much, much better. “
    Kenneth B.
    Ohio, USA

What makes metal sublimation prints special?

With our standard acrylic and metal prints, we print directly onto the surface of our substrate.  Our metal sublimation prints undergo a heat process in which special dyes are transformed into gas and pressed into aluminium. The heat and pressure solidify the dye to create a permanent and long-lasting image. The dye is a part of the metal itself, rather than being on the surface.

What is unique about the appearance of sublimation prints?

The end results is a glossy and almost wet-looking panel. The vast range of vibrant colors unite to create a masterpiece.

What is the largest size you can produce?

Currently, we can create metal sublimation prints that are up to 40”x60”.

How thick is the panel?

The panel is 3/16” thick.

Can you create custom sizes?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer custom sizes in this medium at this time.

Can you create custom shapes?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer custom shapes in this medium at this time.

Can you produce metal sublimation prints in multiple panels?

Absolutely. We can split your image into multiple panels. Get in touch for a free consulation.

What display option are available?

We offer the float off the wall option and the float frame option for our metal sublimation prints.

What is the most popular display option?

The float off the wall option.

Where can I display metal prints?

Homes, offices, hospitals, institutions, trade shows, airports, hotels. Anywhere there is wall space, really!

Can you put the metal sublimation panel in a bathroom exposed to water?


How do I find an image to use for my metal sublimation print?

There are many sites that offer free images. You can find free images on Pixabay and Unsplash. There are also many sites where you can purchase images for a reasonable price. Shutterstock is a paying site which is user friendly. When you find an image you like, send us a message through our consultation section with the image number.

Is the metal sublimated print scratchproof?

Yes! The image is virtually scratchproof, as the ink is infused directly into the surface of the metal.

Can I display my metal sublimation print outdoors?

Yes! The panels can survive the harshest weather conditions.

How do I know how to select the best size for my image when ordering my metal sublimation print?

Easy. After you download your image on our website, you can use our crop tool to crop to your desired size.

How do I know the color of my Acrylic Lite will match the image I see on my monitor?

Every printer and monitor see an image differently. In most cases, the color printed will be accurate and exceed your expectations.  If you want an exact color match you need to send us a physical copy to match with, however 95% of our customers do not take this route.

How long will it take for me to receive my metal sublimation print?

It takes 5-7 working days for us to produce your print, and with larger panels, it can take a few extra days. It then takes an additional 2-3 days for you to receive by courier

What type of file should I send to create my metal sublimation print?

You can use JPEG, TIF, PDF and EPS files. If the downloader on our site is slow because of the file size, you can send through

What happens if my metal sublimation print arrives broken?

We package the metal sublimation prints beyond expectations so that it arrives without damage. In the event that damage does occur during shipping, just email us a photo of the breakage and we will redo your order.

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