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Top tips for selecting photos for canvas printing

Canvas printing is fairly new, but it is becoming very popular because it is beautiful and useful. Canvas printing has many advantages over traditional paper prints, one of which is that it is easy to show off beautiful pictures at home or work.

Even though you can use this technology to print almost any photo, it’s still best to be picky about which photos to print using this method. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you want to make great prints:

Choose a photo that has high resolution.

It’s important to select photos that have high resolution. A high-resolution photo will have more detail and less pixelation than a lower-resolution image.

You can check the resolution of your photo by right-clicking on it and selecting “Properties.” The image size (in pixels) should be displayed in the image properties window, as well as its dimensions.

Choose a photo with vibrant colors.

It makes sense, practically and financially, to match your print to the room’s existing decor instead of changing the decor and furniture to match a new canvas print. You can always adjust the colors in post-processing if you want to, but it’s best to start with a photo with saturated, bright colors. If you’re planning to print photos on canvas in black and white, consider printing them on a white canvas.

This way, your photos will look like they were originally meant for canvas instead of having been printed from color photos. If you’re looking for prints of your family or friends, they’ll look good on any wall. If you want a more artistic look, you should think about the print of the other pictures and the color scheme you will set. If you want the pictures to look good together, choose ones with similar main colors and tones.

Consider where you’re going to hang the photo print.

It would help if you thought about where to hang your canvas before ordering it. There’s no point in ordering a huge print if you don’t have much wall space or a small print if you need to fill a big space. If the canvas is a gift, look around the recipient’s house to see how much empty wall space they have, and how many pictures they already have hanging. If they’re renting, they should also consider whether their landlords have rules about drilling holes and hammering nails into walls.

Make sure the subject of the photo is not very small.

To ensure your photo is for canvas printing, you must look at the picture and ensure there aren’t any issues with the image. You want to ensure that your photo’s subject is large enough to fill the space on your canvas. If there are too many things in focus and none of them are identifiable as being larger than others, it’ll be hard for anyone viewing your work to get an idea about what’s going on in your photograph.

Even if you’ve got a great shot framed just right with all of its elements perfectly aligned together like puzzle pieces, if it’s too small or cropped off at an awkward angle within its frame, no one will be interested in seeing those details up close. So when taking pictures: keep people looking good! Make sure they’re not hidden behind something else (like someone else standing next to them).

And try not shooting downward shots unless necessary; instead, try using higher angles so viewers can see more detail!

Monitor calibration

Before you even decide to make a custom canvas print of your photos, you must deal with the biggest problem photographers face today: monitor calibration. How an image looks on your computer screen can vary depending on how you have set up your screen. And even though you may have edited the image to look good on screen, there is a good chance that when you print it, it won’t look anything like it did on screen.

To fix this problem, you must ensure your screen is the same as a known standard. Set the color and brightness so that what you see on the screen matches.

Borders and Wrapping

When canvas prints are made, the canvas is stretched over a wooden frame, which is usually ready to hang. We call this wrapping. During this process, you may lose some of the original pictures. When large canvas prints are ready to hang, you don’t need frames (unlike regular paper prints). Borders are the spaces on the sides of the finished product, which you can change based on what the customer wants. You can choose the original image, black or white colors, or shades unique to you.

Mounting options

What sets apart the different kinds of canvas prints is how you can hang them. Many paintings are made with traditional canvas gallery wraps, which are stretched over wood and used to make paintings. You can also put canvas prints in frames with different depths, different border designs, and other kinds of frames.

In general, thin or shallow frames work well with small canvas prints. With the help of thicker frames, bigger pictures can have more depth and stand out from the wall. If you want to hang several canvas prints on the same wall, ensure each frame is the same depth. It will give the wall a more uniform look.

How can I ensure that the quality of my photo is sufficient for printing?

Our quality checker will always alert you if your photo isn’t quite big enough for your canvas, whether you’re doing canvas prints online through our website or with our Creator Software. To place an order online, search for your favorite prints on our website and select the one you like. It is crucial if you’re making canvas prints from phone photos, use our quality checker to ensure that the outcome is satisfactory.

Let the professional handle it.

Don’t print your canvas unless you know much about pixels, resolution, lighting, and magnification. A photo may look clear and sharp on a small screen like a laptop, phone, or tablet, but when it’s blown up ten times its original size, things can get a little messy. If you know how to check the DPI, size of an image, and other fancy things, and you know how much you can enlarge a picture with a certain size and resolution, then go ahead.

If not, let a pro take care of it. Big Acrylics will tell you if your photo can be enlarged that much and talk to you about any other changes that need to be made. Canvas prints are more than just something to hang on the wall to finish the look of a room; they can also show who you are. Because of this, you should give a lot of thought to which canvas print options you choose.

If you keep these things in mind, you’ll be sure to get canvas prints that perfectly fit the mood and look of a room. We will always be here to help you along the way. At Big Acrylics, we aim to make it easy and cheap for everyone to print photos on canvas. We’re proud of our service and the high-quality materials we use. We want to save your memories as wall art for the least amount of money possible.

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