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The AUX cord is in your hands. Choose any song you want and pair it with any image for a print that is truly unique.

Spotify cover art is perfect as a gift, or as a treat for yourself. And just in time for the holidays! With our quick lead time and delivery, you can expect to have your print in no time!

Spotify Cover Art:

  • Comes in your choice of three colors: white, black, or transparent
  • Float display, or tabletop display options available
  • All prints are 8” by 11”; no bigger than a sheet of paper!
  • Photo size is approximately [insert size of photo]
  • Song, artist, and photo selection are your choice
  • Printed on 1/8” acrylic
  • Vibrant colors, and a shiny finish

Spotify Cover Art 
What You Need to Know

How long does it take to create a Spotify cover art print?

Our production time is usually 6-7 business days from when you placed your order. Then, allow for 2-3 days for shipping to receive your product.

What are the minimum image requirements to print?

We require your image to be at least 150 d.p.i. to print. Even though the photo will be small, we still want to make sure you are satisfied with the vibrance, clarity, and crispness of the product. Grainy pictures or fuzzy lines won’t give you the ‘wow factor’ you are looking for. We check each image before we produce the print to make sure you will be satisfied with your Spotify cover art.

Will I receive a proof before you produce?

In most circumstances, if the image is suitable for production, we will not send you a proof. Not hearing from us means everything is okay.

However, if there is an issue with your image, especially if your photo requires substantial cropping or adjustments to fit our template, we will send you a proof. We will also let you know if your image does not meet our resolution requirements. We will not produce without your approval of a crop.

Do I have to choose a song, or can I put a caption?

The choice is yours! You do not have to choose a song. Just let us know what you’d like to use instead of a song title, and we will be happy to accommodate. Just because the print looks like Spotify cover art does not mean that it has to be exact. The joy comes in the creation of a product that is perfect for you or your loved one.

Can you recommend songs or images?

Yes, absolutely! We also recommend searching online for songs that might resonate you, or even going through your own Spotify playlists to see if any stand-out! If you do need a song recommendation, please let us know what kind of tone or mood you are going for with your print. Everyone knows that the right song at the right time can turn an everyday moment into a movie moment.

For images, we also encourage you to look at sites like Shutterstock to see if there are any photos that stand out to you.

What display options can I choose from?

Currently, we have two display options: float, or tabletop. The acrylic is thin enough and comes in a standard size to make it easy to frame and display in your own way. But we do have two affixed display options. The float option comes with a small wooden frame affixed to the back of the print with a wire for hanging. Tabletop display comes with a small stand to rest the print on.

What do the different color options mean?

These options are the color of acrylic you choose to print your image on. A black option works well with all styles of display and is the most similar to Spotify’s app interface. A white option works well with a plain display and a table-top display and has a more minimalist look to it. As does the transparent color. However, the hanging hardware on the float display may be visible through a transparent print.

How do you produce Spotify cover art prints?

We print all of our images directly onto an acrylic panel. This style of printing allows for great vibrancy, detail, and clarity in the images. You won’t have to worry about your image appearing pixelated or blurry.

What do I do if I receive my shipment and it is damaged?

If this occurs, please let us know immediately. Please provide us a photo of the damaged item and the packaging in which you received the item. We will reproduce the print as quickly as possible and get the situation rectified.

How do I clean my Spotify cover art print?

Simply use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe away any dust that may settle on the print. For tougher stains, or a more thorough clean, use warm water and a light soap, like Dawn dish soap. Do NOT use chemical cleaners like Windex or Lysol as these can cause your print to fade and can damage the print over time.

Do not hang your print outside, and keep out of direct and intense sunlight, as this will cause the colors in your print to fade.

If I have any questions, how do I get in contact with you?

You can reach us anytime by phone or by using our contact form. Don’t forget to let us know your order # and the best time/way to reach you in the event that we miss your call. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service, so we are almost always able to take your call, and we usually respond to your emails within a business day. Don’t hesitate to reach out to check in on an order, or if you need to change a shipping or billing address!

We also love to receive photos of our work! Send us a photo of your finished piece to be featured in our “Photo of the Week” blog. We’d love to include your Spotify cover art piece!

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