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Looking for an innovative way to display your photos? Our removable wall mural offers an exciting way to showcase your photos and add some truly meaningful décor to your walls.

Watch this video and see how our removable wall murals work!


Image Consultation

Fill out the form below. Be sure to mention what size mural you are aiming for, and use our file upload form to attach your desired image. We’ll reply ASAP! Or, you can call us at 1-877-234-4466 (7 days a week).

Creating a custom peel and stick wall mural is as easy as ever. At Big Acrylic, we are committed to taking a collaborative approach to make sure your mural comes out exactly how you want it.

  1. Send us your photo and required dimensions
  2. We will send you a proof of your image on different walls, so you can see the image at scale
  3. Using the latest in image-enhancing software, we will check to make sure you image meets the resolution standards for the size you want
  4. We will provide a quote for the cost, and a timeline for production and delivery
  5. You make the final decision
We are always on hand to answer any questions you may have, so don’t hesitate to reach out!


No photo, no problem! We will help you find your perfect image on photo sites such as Shutterstock, or Adobe Stock. Let our excellent customer service guide you in creating a truly unique piece for your home.

  • Made from vinyl, with an adhesive backing for easy installation
  • Removeable and able to be repositioned without damaging walls
  • Easy to clean and very durable
  • Great for high-traffic areas in a home or commercial setting
  • Meets requirements for ASTM E84 Class 1 fire resistance
  • Available in custom sizes; see pricing chart for an estimate
  • Image size must be 5MB or higher

Removable Wall Murals
What You Need to Know

What kind of images work best for creating a removable wall mural?

We recommend images of landscapes, cityscapes, or even objects. Depending on the size of mural you want, and the size of the image you have available, different images will work better. While we can blow up a 5MB cellphone photo to become a 180” x 120” mural, we don’t recommend doing that with images that have a lot of detail.

For the best clarity, a large file size will work best for a large mural (180” x 120). However, most images taken on a cellphone will look great at a smaller size.

What if I don’t have an image, but I know what kind of image I would like?

That’s perfect! We can help you find an image on one of the many photo websites out there like Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, or Unsplash. Though we recommend using Shutterstock or Adobe Stock, as they have images in very high resolutions and in larger sizes.

Can you do custom sizes?

Yes! Our pricing list and size chart is to help you get an idea of the cost associated with creating a custom, removable wall mural. We are definitely able to print your mural at any size you need. Do make sure to measure the area you want to cover before sending us your photo, so we can ensure that the photo will meet our quality standards to print.

Where should I place my wall mural?

Anywhere you want! Our materials are safe, durable, and very easy to install and remove. The wall murals meet requirements for ASTM E84 Class 1 Fire resistance, so they are safe for use in any area of your home. Additionally, the wall murals are very durable and won’t easily be scratched, damaged, or torn. Really, they will work in a bedroom or in a busy hallway of a commercial or office building.

Since the murals can be re-positioned, they are great for apartments, dorm-rooms, or other temporary living spaces that could use a bit of jazzing up. They do not cause damage to the walls upon removal, so you won’t have to worry about losing that security deposit!

Will I see a proof of my image?

In addition to a proof, we will also send you three sample images to show what your mural will look like at scale. For this, we use our excellent software that can display any image on any of our mediums. You will receive these samples before you purchase so you can make the best-informed decision.

It is also important to note that the sample images do not always represent what your image will look like as a wall mural. There may be some differences in cropping, or image placement that the software does not detect. In most cases, however, the images are accurate.

How long does production take?

While our usual lead time for acrylic and metal prints is 6-7 business days, these removable wall murals do take a little bit longer to produce. You can expect a turnaround time of 2-3 weeks, with 2-3 business days for shipping. The longer process yields better results. We will work with you to ensure you are satisfied with your product. 

Will I receive tracking information?

Yes! As soon as your peel and stick wall mural ships out, we will let you know! You will receive a tracking number, along with a link to our carrier, Globex. Should any issues arise during the delivery process, please let us know immediately, so we can rectify the situation.

How do I install my removable wall mural?

Very simply! We have a video here that explains the process. Essentially, you must make sure to work with a clean wall surface so that the adhesive sticked better to the wall. No water, glue, or other materials are required. You will only need a knife, and a hard, flat object to help smooth out the surface as you lay the mural.

How do I take care of the mural?

Caring for the mural is quite easy. Any dust or debris can be cleared off with a dry microfiber cloth. For more heavy-duty marks, use water and a light soap, like Dawn dish soap. Avoid cleaning with abrasive materials or cleaners, as these can damage the mural and cause tearing or scratches. Do not use bleach, as this could ruin the colors.

How do I remove the peel and stick mural?

Ready to change up the décor? Or moving apartments? If you intend to keep your wallpaper for your next place, make sure to keep the backing paper that covered the adhesive backing of the mural.

To remove, simply begin at the top left corner of the panel and slowly pull away from the wall. You may use a scraper to help you with this process. Pulling too quickly or too hard could cause the mural to stretch and distort. Furthermore, try not to let the adhesive backing stick together, as this could be difficult to separate and could damage the mural.

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