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Here’s an explanation of some of the terms you may see when shopping on our site

ACRYLIC– Sometimes referred to as Plexiglas- Hard, clear and flat – We print on the back of the acrylic. We offer 1/8″, 3/16″ 1/4″ and 3/8 “acrylic-thickness-remove-sintra1-161x300

SINTRA– A 1/8 PVC board the we use in back of the acrylic so light does not come through. It also protects against scratching in the back.. If you order the 1/8 acrylic your total thickness will be ¼ “.. If you choose the hanging float option we suggest you choose the sintra option for sizes over 30-30.”If you choose the mount option, our base style, you can create an acrylic in any size without the added cost of sintra.

1″ mount option-Your acrylic is glued and taped to a one Inch mount .panel. The panel also gives the acrylic structure and rigidity. The sides of the mount option are covered with a black adhesive. Marketed as a economic option the 1″ mount enables consumers to buy large acrylics at low price1inchmount

2″ mount option– Same as above but in 2”

1″ float option– The Most modern and popular option. A  small square 1” wood block is put in middle so when hung will protrude off the wall by 1”. For sizes over 30-30” sintra should be used.

standoff4 holes are located on each corner of the acrylic. 4 brushed aluminum screws are included. You will need fastened the 4 Aluminum screws through the holes into the wall.  Standoffs are more popular at commercial venues where thefts may occur.

1″ Border Choose from over  12 colors and create a border around your acrylic. There is no additional cost to create a 1″ Border. Found in custom Section under Border.

2″ BorderChoose from over 12 colors and create a border around your acrylic. There is no additional cost to create a 2″ Border. Found in custom options drop down menu. Found in Custom section under Border.

Black  and white- For no extra charge have your photo printed in Black and white. Found in custom options section under Image options

Aluminum We print our metal panels on Dibond. Dibond is a structural material that offers fantastic rigidity and unlike the acrylic totally weather proof, even in the harshest environments. We print on the front of the Metal unlike the back of the Acrylic. We offer both brushed aluminum and our NEW white Metal. Leave areas in your photo white and see the brushed aluminum pattern in its organic form. The white dibond has no pattern and colors really pop

Metal 1″ Wrap Around Box – A proprietary product. Our 1″ Metal box features 1 ¼ “ hollow rigid box that enables you to print on the sides much like a gallery wrapped painting. A very unique look.

1″ Metal Float– Brushed 1/8 Metal Dibond panel with a small square mount in the middle creates a floating effect when hung. A very modern look. Comes ready to hang

1″ Metal Mount– Metal Dibond is glued to a wood square giving it structure and rigidity. Sides are covered in black material. When hung frame comes off the wall 1″. Comes ready to hang.