Backlit Duratrans Prints

What is Duratrans  print

Duratrans prints, also known as backlit or translucent prints, are large-format prints that are illuminated from behind to create a stunning visual impact. While Kodak has trademarked the brand “Duratrans”, this printing technique is widely recognized regardless of who manufactures it.

At Big Acrylic, we offer Duratrans prints, a stunning option that pops with vibrancy and high-contrast when backlit. These prints are made by sandwiching a photographic transparency film with the image, between two flexible polyester sheets, refined for diffusing light and preserving the image’s spectacular beauty.

Duratrans prints are versatile, serving myriad purposes ranging from in-store displays to movie theater posters. With high-quality and striking graphics, these prints are specifically designed to grab attention. When illuminated, the backdrop truly brings the colors and details to life, captivating anyone who lays eyes on it and engaging them visually.

Options available

  1. Duratrans prints need a lightbox to reveal their full potential. This specialized frame offers uniform backlighting via fluorescent or LED bulbs located behind the print. The lightboxes are customizable in terms of size and mounting, whether you choose to affix it to a wall, let it stand alone, or suspend it.
  2. Consider using LED panel backlighting to illuminate your Duratrans prints. These slim, energy-efficient units are offered in various sizes and shapes, delivering bright and even lighting.
  3. Edge-Lit Displays make use of a light source along the edges of a Duratrans print, which is then guided into the print and evenly distributed across its surface. This creates a thin, uniform display that is ideal for certain use cases and applications.
  4. LED light strips, also referred to as light ropes, can enhance Duratrans prints with striking backlighting. These versatile and flexible strips come in a range of hues and can be tailored to the required size. They are effortless to set up, offering excellent adaptability to create stunning backlit displays.
  5. Fiber Optic Lighting is all about using thin, flexible strands of optical fibers to bring light to specific areas of a Duratrans print. These fibers can be positioned behind the print for equal light distribution or directed to specific points for creative lighting effects.


When selecting a backlit option for Duratrans prints, several factors such as desired brightness, energy efficiency, installation requirements and overall aesthetics should be considered. Consulting with a professional printer or display specialist can aid in determining the most appropriate solution for your unique needs.


Diffusor panels

  1. Even Light Distribution: The diffuser panel helps to spread the light evenly across the surface of the Duratrans print. It diffuses the light emitted from the light source(s) within the lightbox, reducing hotspots or areas of intense brightness and ensuring uniform illumination across the entire print.
  2. Softening Light: The diffuser panel helps to soften the light, creating a more pleasing and balanced appearance. It scatters the light rays, reducing harsh shadows and creating a more diffuse, gentle glow.
  3. Protection: The diffuser panel also serves as a protective layer for the Duratrans print, shielding it from direct contact and potential damage. It helps to prevent scratches, fingerprints, and dust accumulation, ensuring the longevity and quality of the print.

Diffuser panels are typically made of materials such as acrylic, polycarbonate, or polyester that have light-diffusing properties. These panels can be clear or frosted, depending on the desired level of diffusion. Frosted diffuser panels are more commonly used as they provide a higher degree of light scattering.

It’s worth noting that the diffuser panel is placed in direct contact with the Duratrans print, and the entire assembly is then positioned within the lightbox frame. This arrangement allows the light to pass through the diffuser panel, evenly illuminate the print, and create an attractive backlit display.

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