Creating office art with photos

The demand

When it comes to larger orders, customers office art always have a pressing need to receive their merchandise as quickly as possible. This holds particularly true for Acrylic, Metal, or backlit prints, where the demand for timely delivery is paramount. Meeting these expectations by ensuring prompt and efficient shipping can greatly enhance customer satisfaction.

The challenge when creating office art

However, when a customer is undecided about the medium to prodcue office art,  through which they want their prints, and there is an expected delivery date looming, the team finds itself facing a significant amount of pressure to execute flawlessly. This includes ensuring that the chosen medium aligns with the customer’s preferences and that the prints are delivered promptly and to the highest standard of quality. The team must navigate these challenges with precision and efficiency to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Which product

A sample set is promptly prepared and sent to the customer, allowing them to experience the plethora of different mediums we offer. If more time were granted, we would take the customer’s image and expertly produce samples for them to see its remarkable potential on various mediums. Our attention to detail when producing office art ensures that they can make an informed decision based on the visual impact and suitability for their desired application.

If the client chooses an acrylic print, we use a high-quality 1/8 inch acrylic sheet as  for their chosen images. This ensures a durable and vibrant print that captures every detail and enhances the visual impact. The thickness of the acrylic does not significantly affect the overall look of the acrylic, as it retains its visual appeal regardless. However, it is worth noting that thicker acrylic panels tend to incur higher costs and add a bit more weight to the walls they are installed on.

The execution

The clock is ticking at this point. In total, there were 7 panels, each ranging from 60 to 45 inches, that needed to be printed and shipped within a tight timeframe of 6 working days. It was a race against time as the client’s event was scheduled in just 10 working days. Even if we managed to rush the order within the initial 6 days, we would still have to opt for air express courier service to ensure it reached the destination in time.

This presented another challenge – would the customer be willing to bear the additional shipping costs in order to meet their specified deadline? As a company, we believe in transparency and proactively discussed all possible scenarios with the client, including the potential for extra shipping expenses.

The extra costs were agreed to and the client sent his images.

Another challenge arises.

The manager, who is responsible for approving the quote, is currently unavailable and will be back in 2 working days. As a general rule, we ensure payment is received before starting a job, as we have learned from past experiences where we are left unpaid despite starting production. It is crucial for us to prioritize our financial security and fair business practices. So we are squeezed another 2 days to produce order.

We finally received the payment and files, eagerly anticipating a smooth process. However, to our dismay, we realized that the provided files were unexpectedly smaller than the size required. Consequently, we are now faced with the need to meticulously edit them in our software, an undertaking that demands a considerable amount of time and attention to detail. In this critical juncture, every passing minute holds substantial significance as we strive to meet the required specifications.


In order to meet the promised delivery date, we had to put in overtime to get the job done. Unfortunately, we were unable to increase the budget associated with this endeavor. However, we were confident that we could recuperate any additional costs by ensuring the customer’s satisfaction through our exceptional execution in futur orders.

The shipping

The order went incredibly smooth, and the shipping dates were executed promptly without any hitches. Shipping delicate acrylics can sometimes be nerve-racking, as even with meticulous packaging, there remains a potential risk of breakage during transit. To ensure the utmost protection, we go the extra mile with larger panels by securely packing them in robust thin wood crates. This added layer of security more often than not keeps the acrylics intact, providing peace of mind for both us and our valued customers.



The Acrylics were received in great shape, carefully packaged and delivered with utmost care. The customer’s excitement was palpable as they unwrapped the artwork, marveling at the impeccable final outcome. Now proudly displayed on their walls, these stunning pieces have become the center of attention and a captivating topic of conversation for guests and visitors alike.