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Creative Uses for Pictures on Glass

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Pictures on glass have many benefits when compared to more traditional picture printing methods. They are more durable, create a more vibrant display and eliminate the need for traditional framing. But there are so many uses for pictures on glass that go beyond just hanging them on the wall. Here are some creative uses for picture on glass:

1. Coasters:

There are many different sizing options of pictures on glass and many different shapes. You can replace your boring coasters with creative one-of-a-kind pictures on glass. Choose the shape you desire as well as the picture and you have durable and fun coasters that are personalized with picture or you and your family.

2. Washroom Décor:

Unlike traditional frames, glass is not affected by moisture. This makes them the perfect choice as décor in your washroom – the one room in your house that is most susceptible to steam and moisture. Choose a picture that complements your washroom color scheme and theme. You can hang it almost anywhere in the washroom and you don’t have to worry about the frame getting moldy or the picture being affected by steam and moisture. A quick wipe will keep it clean and vibrant.

3. Collage:

Pictures and photos printed on glass allow an almost limitless selection of sizes and shapes. You can easily create a collage of an important day or of a particular set of pictures to complement any room. Simply print the pictures on glass and hang them in the pattern of your choice to create a sophisticated collage display.

4. As a gift!

A picture frame might be considered a boring gift, but gifting a picture on glass delivers elegance and sophistication. An engagement picture on glass is the perfect wedding gift, while family pictures are the perfect gift to commemorate an important event. You can even consider gifting a unique set of coaster pictures on glass. Given the quality, durability and vivid display pictures on glass are known for you can be sure your gift will be appreciated.

5. Panoramic Backsplash:

One of the most creative ways to use a large picture on glass is as a backsplash in the washroom or kitchen under your cabinets or mirror. Because pictures on glass are not affected by water or moisture the way traditional framing options are, they are the perfect addition to create a stylish design in your kitchen or washroom. A large panoramic picture is perfect for this look and with complementary colors it can create a unique and eye-catching display to your space.

6. Liven up your Desk Space:

Pictures on glass aren’t only for wall hanging. You can also prop a picture of glass on your desk to liven up your desk space and create a feeling of sophistication while you work.

7. Take those Glass Pictures outside:

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you might want to add some outdoor art. Pictures on glass can be hung on your deck, on your fence or on your outdoor patio, offering a little bit of color and creativity to your outdoor space.

Given the durability and stylishness there are many creative uses for pictures on glass. Whether your pictures are of your family or your life or of the world around you, they will enrich all spaces making them creative gifts and perfect displays.

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