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Printing metal prints on Panels: What you need to know

A metal print on a panel is the definition of classic outcomes. This style has been popular in house decor. It will always be stylish because it is timeless.

But what information is necessary to print your metal prints on panels? All the information is available here!

At Big Acrylic, we work hard to give you the most options in which to print your artwork. We can also create bespoke sizes and some of the largest prints currently available. Our passion is making prints of the highest caliber. We are prepared to assist you in locating the appropriate answer because we have a thorough knowledge of the products we produce.

Our goal is to deliver unmatched quality and service.

Metal printing

Metal printing is creating prints made from metal, typically using a process such as flexographic printing. It is unlike what most people think of as metal printing, which is more commonly used for items like signs and invitations, business cards, and other promotional materials.

The quality of your printing depends on many factors, including the printer you use and the material you choose. We use a high-definition printer that produces highly accurate prints in full color. To make sure your image looks exactly how you want it to, we offer different kinds of metal panels at Big Acrylic:

Brushed Metal prints

Your metal prints will look and feel like old copper with a brushed finish. The surface is also perfect for any coating or laminating, so you can seal it against moisture, scratches, and other wear and tear. Brushed metal prints are a good choice for people who want their photos to stand out.

Electrostatically charged paint is used to color aluminum panels to make Brushed Metal prints. A layer of paint is put on them; then, they are put through an electrostatic machine, giving them their unique look. It makes them perfect for places where people can touch them, like offices or conference rooms.

Brushed + varnish prints.

One of the best ways to print metal picture prints is with brushed + varnish prints. They’re an excellent choice for anyone who wants a beautiful, high-quality image at a price they can afford. Brushed + varnish prints are made by painting a metal print with a special paint that makes the metal look like it has been brushed. At Big Acrylic, we do framing which helps keep out light rays that could fade things over time if they were left out in the sun without a cover.

White metal prints

A white metal finish is smooth and has no texture, but it does have a slight sheen that makes it sparkle when the light hits it just right. It makes it perfect for showing off black-and-white photos. In the art world, white metal prints are significant. They help artists get their ideas across, allowing people to see those ideas in places where paintings wouldn’t work. The white metal print can be shown inside or outside, which makes it a good choice for many kinds of art.

White metal + varnish prints

Photos on white metal prints are a classy way to show them off. They are also a great way to print on panels that can be used as art or framed and hung on the wall. It is done by putting a thick layer of varnish or wax on the plate and then heating it until the varnish or wax melts away, leaving an image on the plate.

Then, paint rollers or other tools are used to put your picture on paper. The varnished finishes on our metal photo prints items protect them from moisture (this is especially helpful if you plan on displaying this piece outdoors).

Sublimation metal prints

With sublimation printing, you can put your photos and designs on metal panels and make prints of them. You only need a printer and some materials to get started. You can save money by buying recycled materials from local recycling centers or online auctions.

Once you’ve printed your design on the panel, you just need to heat it (usually with an iron) so that the ink sinks into the fibers of the paper underneath it and becomes permanent. Then you can hang it anywhere you want!

What is a Costco metal print?

Costco metal prints are glossy, high-quality photos printed onto aluminum panels. The panels are lightweight but durable, and they come with pre-drilled holes so they can be hung easily on walls or other surfaces.

Benefits of metal printing

The most important thing to remember when buying a new print is that no matter what kind of material you choose. It will always be coated with UV-protected aluminum and manufactured by an experienced team who knows how to ensure your piece looks great for years to come! Get in touch with Big Acrylic for the best metal prints.

Less Waste

When making things the old way, you throw away up to 90% of the material. With 3D metal printing, less than 5 percent of the powder is wasted because the powder is left over after each layer is used in the next layer. When the print is done, any powder that hasn’t melted can be mixed with new powder and used in another build.

You can produce new designs

With 3D metal printing, you can make complicated parts with shapes that you can’t use with traditional methods. Since metal is easier to shape, you can use it to make almost any structure or design. Metal printing makes it easy to work with weak layers that are typically too fragile to cut. It helps industries that want to produce lighter parts to enhance efficiency and use less fuel.

They are made to fit.

Most 3D printers can only make small parts, especially powder bed and binder jetting technology. Large amounts are hard to work with because temperature changes cause stress to build up. But different metal printing technologies make it possible to make more significant parts. These can be used instead of large-scale castings and forgings because they are faster and cheaper.

Future of Manufacturing

The first uses of 3D metal printing were in high-tech fields like medicine and aerospace. But cheaper solutions have made that possible for spare parts, custom tools, and working prototypes. Relatively small and more customized businesses can now use this option because they can hire a service provider to do it for them.

If you’re not sure if printing on metal is the best way to go for your project, our experts at Big Acrylics would be happy to help you figure it out. Get in touch with us right away to find out more or get a price quote for your project.

Viewing Experience

Metal prints are great for interior, outdoor, and commercial decorating. You can use them to spruce up your home or office space and make a statement in a retail environment or trade show booth. They’re also ideal for personal use — you’ll never find yourself lacking a gift idea again! Friends and family will appreciate having their photo printed on metal as much as they would any other type of artwork.

If you’re familiar with polymer-coated prints used for display and framing, then you know UV coating is the same as a clear coat. A UV coating protects your image from fading and scratches.

Our motivation is continuous improvement by concentrating on and taking inspiration from current trends in large digital printing. We started the business of printing on acrylic and providing it as a customized service almost ten years ago. We believe we provide the most excellent product at market-competitive pricing thanks to top-notch machinery, spotless inks, and appropriate and exact training.

We appreciate talking with our customers and are available to chat by phone or email seven days a week. Big Acrylic will always treat you like our top customer, no matter how big or small your order is.

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