Create Mixed media Wall Art

Mixed media combines traditional paint, ink and other art forms to create a work of art.

While Walking in the city I came across  mixed media wall art  which included wallpaper and thick Acrylic.  Located in a upscale boutique, hotel this Mural is different and eye catching.

The wall is a a huge collage of small photos taken from all over the world. Images include landscapes, seascapes, flowers, people and pets. Each collage box is approximately 5 by 5 “.  There are thousands of these small images on the wall. Weather they are from a collection or random photos is anyone’s guess.

Offering Mixed media art form can be done in both a residence or institution. As long as the style is modern it will compliment the look you are trying


In order to create a mixed media wall you will need

  • Enough images to cover the wall space
  • Either irremovable wall paper or the more traditional kind
  • Sizing each image to cover the wall space equally
  • Larger file size for the images that will be done on Acrylic
  • Acrylic panels that are either 1/4 ” or 3/8 inch- Depending on the look you are trying to create
  • Proper lighting which highlights the mixed media


Again, the images here are a mixture of wallpaper and acrylic. You could perhaps do large acrylic panels on the wall instead of smaller ones.  Metal or wood prints could substitute for the acrylic.


Remember, this is a form of art and has to inspire you. We all have different interpretations of what we find artistic, creative, inspiring and pleasing.

We can help guide you through the process.  From editing your photo, to printing on the substrates we can help create your artistic vision for a mixed media wall

Contact is anytime to do discuss your project