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Acrylic or Canvas? Is the choice just a matter of taste?

There is no way to remember the number of times I’ve been asked about the differences between acrylic prints and canvas. I think the reason this question persists is that most people are much more familiar with the possibilities of canvas. Some people think the difference boils down to the taste of the purchaser. Whenever I endeavor to give an honest answer, I remember that personal taste is only a small part of the difference.

Most people looking for a medium to display their favorite images have a few qualities in mind. They mostly want the prints to look good, offer something unique, and to be durable.

Canvas prints can provide some of the basic needs of customers. There’s a traditional look of canvas. Modern printing can offer clarity that wasn’t available not too long ago. Still, there are limits to the ways canvas prints can be used. The two most damaging natural environments for canvas are sunlight and moisture. The sun’s UV rays can affect the canvas prints in ways that fade the colors of the image. Sun damage can also cause the image colors to appear yellow in tint over time and there’s no way to reverse the effect. Owners of yellowing canvas prints are left to replace the canvas altogether and absorb the entire cost of doing so.

Moisture is another natural enemy of canvas prints. The degree of moisture damage depends on the type of ink used during printing. Moisture generally poses a risk to canvas prints and steps to seal the ink from moisture can contribute to color fading. The adhesive quality of sealants can lead to a collection of dust and other debris on the print.


canvas print
canvas print

Still, Canvas prints offers an attractive medium for those looking for a more classical look.  Quality canvas and of 400 gms  and non solvent inks   will create  lively colors and excellent contrast.  Choices of 3/4 , 1 3/4 and 1 inch stretch bars makes the product customize-able.

Acrylic prints look great and offer a unique and engaging look. Acrylics are also much more durable. The finish of a quality acrylic print is glossy. This shiny appearance gives the print a more modern look as the image appears to hover just above the print surface in an essentially 3-dimensional presentation.


acrylic print
acrylic print

There are added costs associated with the benefits of acrylic printing. Printing on acrylic requires the use of a large cutting table for the larger dimensions of common acrylic print orders. A larger image means using bigger and more capable printers to handle the task. There’s also consideration due for thickness. Acrylic prints can come in a variety of thicknesses and BigAcylic offers thicknesses of 1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4” 3/8”, and custom sizes for special requests.

As is the case with any type of image, options for mounting the product are important. Mounting an acrylic print can be achieved in a variety of ways to fit your preference.

One of the reasons acrylic prints are so unique is the expertise required to create them. Canvas printing is a relatively simple process and there are tons of outlets offering that kind of printing. Acrylic printing demands a level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that not only makes production more demanding, but makes the finished product more remarkable.