BigAcrylic versus Bumblejax

This week’s blog is focusing on the differences between facemount and acrylic printing. There are a number of companies, like Seattle-based printers Bumblejax, who produce stunning works of art using a Facemount process. We are here to weigh the pros and cons of each printing process to help you make a decision that works best for your needs.

What is the facemount process?

The Facemount process entails a photo is printing on high quality photo paper, then is sandwiched between a rigid dibond substrate and a piece of acrylic. This process takes skill and artistry as each photo is manually placed in position and lined up perfectly during the production process. The sides of the print can be buffed to create a translucent effect.

Essentially, the product comes out looking exceptional. The colour-matching from the photo to the print is near exact, and the rigid substrate on the back of the print helps to make the colours richer and more vibrant.

Cons to the Facemount Process

Due to the tediousness and accuracy needed to ensure a perfect product, Facemount prints cost 40-50% more than a standard acrylic print. When looking at an estimate from Bumblejax, one can see that a 30” by 40” facemount print can cost upwards of $400.00, while an acrylic print is $265.00.

Professional photographers or artists may consider the Facemount print when they want to ensure an image is captured exactly. The facemount print would be a great option for artists who intend to resell their prints and can absorb the additional cost.

Another con of the Facemount process is the time it takes to produce the print. A facemount print may take two to three times longer than an acrylic print. The process is also not good for multiple prints, or panel prints because of how long the process takes.

The final con of the facemount process is the additional weight that is added by the dibond substrate. More hardware is needed to hang the print, and the additional weight on your walls could result in damage if hung improperly.

Alternatives to the Facemount Print

At Big Acrylic, we offer a number of alternatives that still provide the clean and professional look of a Facemount print, but without the extra weight, cost, and time. We offer our economy Facemount, which uses a 9mm white backing instead of the rigid dibond or aluminum backing that Bumblejax uses. This means that the print is lighter than the usual Facemount print. The print will still maintain its beautiful museum-like quality, but it will take longer to produce.

Our most popular item is our acrylic print, which is printed with a flat-bed printer directly onto an acrylic panel using eco-friendly UV inks. The color matching in this process is extremely close but printing directly onto acrylic may alter the colours very slightly. If you are concerned about colour-matching, please contact us.

Acrylic prints are also very light and easy to hang, making them perfect for apartments, homes, businesses, or offices. They are also much cheaper and quicker to produce, meaning that the average Joe can afford and have an acrylic print in two weeks or less. The acrylic print is also much more customizable and can be cut into sizes or shapes beyond the usual rectangle. We also offer five different options for the thickness of the acrylic. The sides of an acrylic print can also be buffed to give a translucent appearance. All in all, the facemount prints produced by Bumblejax are beautiful pieces of art, but they can be costly and take longer to produce. Acrylic prints from Big Acrylic fill in those gaps for consumers who want a stunning piece of art without the heft

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