Blueprint Wall Art Prints: 7 Best Artwork Masterpieces for Living Room Walls

This week’s blog post is a very special one. We have a guest writer this week: Nick Wilson, who will be writing about the awesome blueprint wall art he does over on his website. For more information, follow the links within the post, or contact us for more details! Over at Animal Blueprint Company, the artist, Robert Redding creates stunning and fun blueprints of your best friend. You can even submit a custom request! Read along to see what other excellent styles of blueprint wall art you can find here for your home.

Blueprint Wall Art: 

Home is not just a space with thick walls that have art prints. Neither is about amping up the room with blueprint art structures and accessories. It’s much more than that. It’s a shrine, a feeling.

Suppose a person enters your sacred space where you arranged everything with high-quality decorations such as wall art, correctly positioned and aligned. In that case, it is without fail the best personality projection of yours.

Therefore, no matter what kind of an enthusiast you are, the wall in your sacred space is your canvas, and this beautiful wall art is just the right thing for you to evoke the shrine-like feeling.

Ideas for Your Living Room Walls

Blueprint art has been reproducing an admiration in the market. With technical/engineering layouts on light-sensitive sheets, it is becoming popular amongst the masses. The art tends to bring a bold and sharp look to your living rooms; here are some of the ideas that might suit your taste.S

Space Blueprint Art

Covering the entire wall with space-themed art to make it look all the more colossal and impressive is a very good idea. This grants your wall magnificent symmetry and cohesion from the ground to the roof and gives an alluring effect.

Street Map Blueprint Art

If you have a strict color scheme for your living room, then going grayscale with street-map-print art adds just the right amount of visual appeal to your living wall space. An unconventional show of black and white artwork pops out the wall and gives life to space.

7 Best Artwork masterpieces for Living Room Walls
Blueprint Wall Art

Machinery Wallpaper Accent

Rather than worrying much about added and extra furniture, you should apply welcoming machinery-print art wallpapers to your living wall. By creating an imaginative corner with this type, you would give your wall an amplified look. For small spaces, this décor concept works remarkably.

Nautical Blueprint Art

The best location for Nautical blueprint hangings in the living room mantelpiece is one of the best decisions you can ever make. It is already a space for meeting and relaxing, so choosing the images you want to display with others that interest you is a good idea for your wall.

Vintage Cars

Vintage car art beautifully crafted style prints for classic car lovers. Specially designed incorporating prototype blueprint sketches and diagrams, these types of art structures offer an elegant way to honor your car enthusiasm.

Star war and Star trek blueprint art for Bachelor’s living room (And no, it’s not war)

Be it a star war fan or a star trek enthusiast, this fabulous art is a great idea for your living room. It would be the finest addition to the collection. You can create a theme-based scenario in your living room and add meaning to your wall.

Military Blueprint Art

If you ever need to fill a huge amount of wall space, bundling small pieces together with this amazing art of aircraft and tanks in it is a good idea. To create a stunning layout, or provide it with some form, connect the array of prints to a piece of furniture against the wall.

Animal Blueprint Wall Art

Perhaps one of the most fun styles of blueprint art that this website offers is prints of animals. As you know, at Big Acrylic, we’ve done a lot of blog posts about animals recently. So, we thought that this guest blog post would fit right in line with our focuses too! That’s why we couldn’t help but mention the stunning prints that Robert Redding creates of your furry friends. These prints are fun, unique, and showcase your love for your pet in a very clever way. And he has tons of breeds to choose from, of both dogs, and cats! He even has blueprints of horses, if that is something you are interested in.

blueprint wall art of a dog
Look how adorable this print is!

As you can see, there are a number of different blueprint styles you can use as decor in your home. Each style showcases different interests in your personality, whether it be animals, cars, or machinery. They also make excellent gifts for the fanatics in your life! I know, as a dog lover, I love the blueprint of my breed. And I know my assistant loves her two cats, so she found the cat drawings to be quite great too! In total, these print styles are perfect for the scientific, fun-lover in your life, which may seem like an oxymoron, but it isn’t!

While these blueprints are printed on museum quality paper, Big Acrylic would love to see some of these styles printed onto acrylic or metal. Personally, I think this style would look fabulous on acrylic glass with a bit of sheen to it. Or, you could spring for a more industrial look with a brushed metal blueprint. Either way, this style works extremely well for displaying what is important to you in your home, and in your interests.

In Conclusion…

We hope you enjoyed this week’s guest post on blueprint art for your home. A big thank you to Nick Wilson for supplying us with this post this week. As mentioned earlier, be sure to check out the website Animal Blueprint Company. As usual, we are on hand 24/7 to help you create your favourite piece of wall decor to spruce up your living space. So, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us! We look forward to hearing from you, and we are excited to get started on your next home decor project!