Geode Decor Ideas

Fake Spring has finally sprung in Montreal! Fake Spring, yes, because there’s always one more snowfall just to remind us that we can’t control the weather. Here at the Big Acrylic office, we’ve been soaking up that sun and enjoying the wonderful weather. Hopefully all of our customers are able to do the same! This week on the blog, we’re going to look at a unique and interesting style for your prints: geode decor. If you’ve been on Pinterest or Etsy, you’ve probably seen this decor style before. It’s perfect for a boho, chic look, or for any design style that wants to incorporate organic materials. Geode decor looks especially great when paired with other natural textures, like wicker, bamboo, or with light, knotty woods like pine. 

The geode trend even made its way into pastry and cake baking. Crystalline candies were embedded into cakes to create a very distinct look. All in all, people seem to love the look of geodes, and why shouldn’t they? Geodes are interesting specimens that are found all over the world!

We’ll start with a brief overview of what a geode even is before we turn to some inspiration you can use to create your very own geode wall art. 

What is a Geode?

To put it simply, a geode is a hollow rock with crystals lining the inside. They are usually created from air bubbles being trapped inside of volcanic lava. As the lava cools, the air bubble allows for water to pass through the chamber in the lava. The water deposits minerals on the inside of this bubble, and from these minerals, crystals grow forming geodes. Geodes get their colors based on what minerals are deposited. For example, iron deposits give amethysts their purple color. Aluminum deposits create rose quartz. And so on. 

The interior view of a geode filled with quartz.

You can find geodes all over the world, but they are most commonly found in areas built on basaltic volcanic rock. On their exterior, geodes look like regular rocks. But, with a bit of research and practice, you will be able to tell a geode apart from a rock. 

Geode Decor Ideas for Your Home

A quick search on the internet will yield thousands of results of geode-themed decor. Coasters, wind chimes, trays, or even cushion covers can all be geode-themed. However, you can use this style to create some truly stunning prints on acrylic, fabric, or metal. 

Transparent Acrylics

An acrylic print would be my first choice for printing anything geode themed. We print our images directly onto the acrylic. And then we coat the acrylic with a black ink backing to make those colours pop and protect the print during the framing process. However, for a very cool look, we are able to print the image to maintain transparency. With a stand-off display, or no display option, you will have a translucent print, which allows the rings and hollow interior of the geode to really pop. Unfortunately, a traditional float option will not work to create this effect. The hardware would be visible through the print. 

geode decor in living room
A geode style wall print in a living room

However, you don’t need a translucent acrylic print to create stunning geode wall art. The example above is a non-translucent print, so the white parts are printed as white, which creates a really rich neutral tone to the image. Additionally, it’s hung using the float display, which adds an excellent minimalist appearance and makes the print blend in well with the other design elements in the home. 

Backlit Geode Decor

One of the coolest ways to display geode decor is with a backlit print. In this process, you select either a fabric or acrylic print as your base. To create an acrylic backlit print, we mount the acrylic onto a frame equipped with LED lights in the back. The light shines through the print, causing it to glow beautifully and really stand out. The backlit frame will make the bands of colors pop, and emphasize the hollow space inside of a geode slice in a really stunning way. For fabric prints, you will get the same effect. However, backlit fabric prints are extremely versatile as you can change the fabric print out at any point. 

For a super unique look, you could find an image, like the one below that would seem like the crystals are growing out of the frame. Whether the image is backlit or not doesn’t take away from the detailed texture of the crystals against the sharpness of the white background. In fact, as a square image, along with other minimalist images, you could create a phenomenal gallery wall. Just try to visualize the contrast between a geode image and line work art! The combination would be chic, elegant, and showcase your love of nature and simplicity. 

Backlit acrylic geode prints

In fact, the inspiration for this blog post came from a client who wished to do a series of backlit acrylic geode prints. The idea was so creative and stunning, that I couldn’t help but leap straight onto Google and see if others were doing something similar. This is how I discovered a whole bunch of artists creating geode-themed art with acrylic resin! Using glitter, resin, and some dyes, people have created some truly awesome fake geode art. But, if you don’t have access to the space and materials to create your own geode resin art, we can definitely help you out. 

As usual, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us with any questions you have about creating your own geode decor. Especially for the creation of backlit prints, we provide a free consultation over the phone or email to make sure that your product comes out exactly as you intended it! We look forward to seeing the wonderful creations you come up with. And, we hope you enjoyed this week’s inspirational blog post. Now, go out and create! (And don’t forget to enjoy the Fake Spring weather while it lasts!)