Best digital acrylic prints questions

Does thicker acrylic offer better results?

The quality of print is the same, whether you purchase digital acrylic prints that are 1/8 “, 3/16″, 1/4” or 3/8 in thickness. The only difference is this: a thicker prints lets you see the translucent image through the sides. This effect will occur with 1/4 and 3/8 acrylic.

Can acrylics be hung outside?

This is definitely a no no. Some websites claim that digital acrylic prints can be hung outside. We have tested this and from our experience the acrylics at most last only a year. In harsher environments they would last less.

Can iPhone photos work to create a print on Acrylic?

iPhone photos can definitely work with smaller sizes. Larger sizes would need a software that could increase the D.P.I.

Is it true that Acrylic prints will last more than 100 years?

Durable yes, to claim it will last over 100 years is somewhat irresponsible.  Photos on Acrylic have not been around for a few years, to claim over 100 is being irresponsible.

Is face mounting and printing directly onto the acrylic the same process?

Definitely not. The digital print is printed directly onto the back of the acrylic. A hanging option is then attached to the acrylic panel. In face mounting a paper print is sandwiched between a substrate on the bottom and an acrylic panel on top.

Which is Better?

Depends on who you ask. If you are trying to meet a price point with your art,  digital acrylic prints are more cost efficient. If you are doing decor for an office and have many prints, direct printing on acrylic is a much faster format. If you are old school and want a photo in its most organic form ( paper) face mounting is the way to go.

What D.P.I is needed for best results?

For best results printing at 150 or 300 D.P.I.  is suggested. Larger files are usually done at 150 since most customers won’t have such huge files to accommodate this size. There is as well software that can increase D.P.I.

What is the largest Acrylic panel possible to produce?

While there are some printers that have the ability to produce panels as big as 120 by 60  inches most have the capacity to produce either 48 inches by 96 inches, or 60 by 96 inches.

What is the difference between regular and non glare Acrylic?

Acrylic is very glossy and shiny. Light will always create a reflective look. Non glare is more of a matted look. No glare will appear even with light reflecting off of it. Non glare costs 1.5 times the cost of regular digital acrylic prints.

Can I download an image on Google and produce a quality acrylic print?

Besides the copyright issues, images downloaded from the internet will not create quality prints. The best resizing software won’t work.  If quality is bad to start with, increasing file size will just magnify the poor original quality.

What’s the best way to clean an acrylic photo?

Any non-abrasive works best. However, don’t wipe the back of the acrylic where the image is printed. Wiping gently the front will remove dust.

Is it possible to cut Acrylic panels into shapes?

At Big Acrylic we offer this service. Best to do these prints with a vector file.

What is the difference between Acrylic and plexi-glass?

Plexi-glass is a chemical derived from poly-methyl-methaacrylate. Plexi-glass is the same just another brand of acrylic — Like Kleenex is to tissue.

Will my colours be the same as when I print on paper?

Its best here to compare apples to apples. There will always be slight deviations when printing from one medium to the next. Best to create a small sample print to compare the difference if you are worried.

What is sintra? and how is it used when printing photos on acrylic?

Sintra is a lightweight rigid polyvinyl structural material used sometimes in back of the acrylic prints. The Sintra protects the back from scratching and  also creates more rigidity to your acrylic prints. Big Acrylic prints black on the back of the acrylic  which ecstatically is a much better look.  For larger pieces it is alot lighter as well. So sintra is not essential.

What’s the largest size print you can ship by courier?

Big Acrylic can print up to 60-70 inches and still ship by courier. No crate is needed.