Unique Wall Decor Ideas

If you’ve checked out our blog before, you know we love giving ideas for your next print! From home office spaces, to work office spaces, we’ve got all your walls covered. This time around, however, we wanted to pool together a lot of different resources to help you create some really unique wall decor that’s personal to you and your interests.

With sites like Etsy, Wayfair, Society6, and more, the market for unique wall decor is very saturated. And while this can be overwhelming for a consumer, it can also be very beneficial to getting inspiration.

A big trend in decor, especially with people spending more time at home these days, is to personalize spaces with patterns, colors, images, and trinkets that are important or characteristic of you. Basically, instead of strictly following a trend, you adapt the trend to fit your own style, and add pops of your own personality where you want it.

For example, the minimalist trend (white walls, natural textures) swept everyone up in the past few years. However, this trend can easily be modified with the inclusion of colorful wall art, patterned throws, and even funky serving-ware that all showcases YOU. You can re-define what “minimalism” means to you!

Here’s our list of five unique wall decor ideas. Remember that we are always on hand to help you create the perfect print of your dreams!

5 Unique Wall Decor Ideas to Personalize Your Space

1. Typographic Prints

Typography is the art of laying out and designing text. It’s a subtle art form, but it’s everywhere in our daily lives. If you’re a design nerd and really like specific fonts, a typographic print may be what’s missing from your wall.

unique wall decor idea of typographic print
Typographic prints are a fun way of showcasing your unique style.

How sharp would a white metal print of your favourite New York City subway stop look when reduced to just its text? Black Helvetica on white metal showcases both your interest in urban spaces, design, and adds a bold statement to your walls without too much color or deviation from a minimal look.

Typographic prints can also include images as well, and aren’t limited to just design, but could even be poems, quotes, song lyrics or more!

2. Collages

Collages may be the most personal form of unique wall decor. They feature many images or phrases that caught your attention, or are meaningful to you. A well-designed collage is a wonderful way of showcasing images that are important to you. And, collages can be really visually pleasing to look at if there’s a theme pattern, or color tying them together.

A collage print can be an excellent way to showcase many things at once!

Oftentimes, designers will use collages to help them visualize a look or a mood they want. Collages are excellent tools to put together pieces of a puzzle, and to tell a story across images.

There are many online apps, such as BeFunky, that are free to use to make collages. We are also able to help you out for a small fee if you contact us. We have done a number of collages, and they turn out wonderful on acrylic.

3. Round / Circular Prints

For a bubbly look that breaks convention, try a circular print. Rather than the traditional rectangle photo, circular prints offer a cute alternative. Circular acrylic prints can be interspersed with round mirrors, or even round, textured placemats for an adorable gallery wall.

Circular prints also have a more retro vibe, meaning they will fit perfectly with all your mid-century modern furniture!

4. Pets, Pets, Pets!

If you’ve checked out our blog before, you know that we love pets here at Big Acrylic. We’ve written on how to snap the purrfect cat photo, and how to click the best pic of your pooch as well!

Digital Metal Print
Digital Metal Print

Every person has a different relationship with their pet, meaning that a pet print is really personal. And, a pet print looks good on any medium. Especially brushed metal because the textured surface really accentuates the fur.

But, if you want to elevate your pet print game even further, why not do a bit of design work? Create a collage, complete with some paw print frames. Or add a bit of text…

5. Acrylic Photo Disk

Or, to merge all of these ideas together, you can check out our latest product: the acrylic photo disk! These record-inspired pieces showcase so many different parts of you that it can only be unique! The image and song choice are both up to you, meaning that the perfect moment can always have the perfect soundtrack! These products are definitely for anyone who wants unique wall decor with strong sentimental value.

Doesn’t get much more unique than this!