Taking the Best Dog Photo Wall Art

Our pets are family. Not only that, they make excellent  photo wall art.

Think of all those endless expressions. As the holiday season draws near, why not create your favorite four-legged friend on Acrylic or Metal print to gift a loved one. Capture your image and it will be picture perfect. If you feel like going the extra, add an HDR effect for that wow factor.

Here are a few of our favorite images for photo wall art

“Yes, I know I am good looking”

We all believe our dog is the best looking, and it is true, they are. Imagine this handsome guy on an Acrylic Print. Those eyes grab attention.

“Can you believe they do this to me?”

For those moments when we dress up our dog in goofy clothing – or in this case, a blanket. I would say It is a striking resemblance to Yoda. Thoughts?

“I am the great protector”

Is there anything more precious than our babies? The feeling is captured in this photograph. Best friends furever.

The Artsy Black and White Photograph

Not sure if this pup sees the mailman coming or is just a trouble maker, but this image is simply amazing on a Black and White photograph.


“A face only a mother can love”

We all do not have similar tastes, and at first glance, I thought I was looking at a pig. Yet the more I glared, the more I realized – well how cute! Know what I mean?

“Best Friends”

This photograph makes me think of my best friend Roxy. An artistic and great shot. It would look fantastic on a white metal print with varnish.


“Don’t mess with my posy”

Once glance at this dog and I am happy I am not the one taking the photo. A strong breed like the Akita is a loving family companion. But… if looks could kill.