Creating Large Metal and Acrylic Prints

Large Metal and Acrylic Prints

If you have a sizable wall area, large Metal and Acrylic Prints are a perfect medium to enhance the space.  At Big Acrylic we specialize in these types of projects, yet it does go with its own set of challenges. Let us take a look below at common questions or concerns for creating wall-sized photo prints.

Choosing the Right Image with the Existing Resolution

We often speak with clients asking for a large-scale print from an iPhone image. To understand the size appropriately, a general rule is to check the pixels of the photograph. Thereafter, divide the pixels by 150. For example, if the dimensions are 3000 – 4000, and you divide by 150 – the result is the ideal print size of 20 x 26 inches.

Is there a way to increase the D.P.I of the photograph?

Yes, we currently use a software that increases the size of the D.P.I. Total Resize and Blow Up are the two programs we use to achieve this. What the software permits is a smooth pixelation of the image. Best results occur with photographs that require a “blow up” of 40% – 60%. It does not work well if the image needs a 200% change. From experience, it is best to confirm the exact image size if you are dealing with customers and artists, as we use the software more with amateur photography or office prints.

If we cut the image into a Triptych will that solve the resolution issue?

Very simply, no. Cutting the photograph in three pieces does not change the resolution. It will still be unsatisfactory if the resolution is poor, no matter what is done physically to the print.

If I purchase an image from a site, like Shutterstock, can you produce wall-sized photo prints?

This is a common misconception. We encounter a vast number of clients who send images from Shutterstock in hopes of printing wall-sized photo prints. But, in order to do so, you need to purchase the largest size image available. Even with the largest size, there are some surprises. Without the enhancement software, images can print at 40 x 30 inches. However, most photos from paid sites have a good foundational structure and are able to undergo an increase in D.P.I. When this occurs, we do so free of charge and send back a proof for approval.

Is the price of shipping more expensive than smaller metal or acrylic prints?

To protect and secure large pieces, we require a special crate and packaging. The cost of shipping a 60″ x 96″ print is around $975, which makes the cost of shipping the same as the print. Yet, if you order two, the shipping costs are amortized.

Is there a solution for both cost of the piece and transport?

Whenever a large size such as the 60 x 96 are purchased, we often suggest a triptych Metal or Acrylic Print. It consists of 3 panels, 32 x 60 each. It is less expensive to ship in pieces as opposed to the solid, enormous size.

Can you explain how the Triptych Panels should be divided?

Between each panel should leave a 2-inch space around it. Without the spacing, it lacks that modern, cohesive look. If you are buying high end art, then the display should reflect high end art. More info on triptych can be found here.