Metal Prints kept in one dirty car!

Our passion for Acrylic and Metal prints goes without question. It is within our nature to produce high quality products that have you returning for more! 

I am a huge fan of podcasts. Especially those in which I can gather pertinent information that I can use to implement an effective business strategy. For instance, Gary Vaynerchuck and Gary Vee are my favourites in the audio experience. Vaynerchuck’s message of focus, passion, and diligent work to achieve your goals struck a chord with me and plays a huge part on how I work and delegate Big Acrylic on a daily basis.


By streamlining our products, we can strive to be the leader in Acrylic and Metal prints. It is easy to offer a wide selection of options. Yet to convey a strong message and become a specialist, it works in our favour to zone in on specific and special offerings. And eh voila! That is where the passion comes to point! Not a day goes by that I look forward to going to work and providing the upmost service to our clientele. However, there is a downside – we can ignore every day tasks.

Case in point.

The Dirty Car 

Coffee cups, old clothes, an abundance of dog hair. Yup. Those (and more) can be found all over my car. I joke to people that they need to wear a hazmat suit before entering. Ok listen, at least I do not have spoiled food rotting somewhere beneath the carpet but it can look like a family of five plus a dog have been squatting in it.


Realistically, it only takes 10 minutes to get a car wash right?


I ask myself, “Have been so overly focused on creating Acrylic and Metal prints that I am choosing to drive a car that looks solely lived in?” Let alone, I could NEVER go on a date in this mess!


Time for a car wash. As soon as I arrive, the torment begins.


“Your car is to dirty,  you need to clean it before you come here!”


“Hey Ahmed, Mohammad, come look at this!”


“We charged him a 3 should be a 5.” ( levels of payment)


“Friend, listen, this really needs to be cleaned before you come.”


Perplexed and stunned, I stammer to myself, “Since when do you need to clean the car before a car wash? The car wash is for washing cars, isn’t it?”


Overall, it took 3 washers, who were unafraid to let me know what they really think about the mess, before my car became the respectable shape it was in the first day I drove it home. Needless to say, the point struck to heart. From now on, I will still have my passion for Acrylic and Metal Prints, but, keep a clean car.