½ inch Large Acrylic Prints for Residence

Lessons learned and another customer satisfied.


About a year ago, an architect contacted us about creating several large acrylic prints. As always, we were confident about our ability to meet his order. One particularly challenging feature of this order was that the prints were to be used as sliding doors on a new custom project. We’ve been able to routinely accomplish extraordinary results with our acrylic products but an order this specific and unique would require a more considerable time commitment than usual.


After brainstorming the possibilities with the client we decided that the best course would be to construct several 91” x 30” large acrylic prints to meet the customer’s needs. Our next concern was choosing a photo resolution standard that would work best and that discussion led to a mutual agreement that a minimum resolution of 150 dpi would be necessary.


After working with the customer to choose a photo that was up to the image quality standards we require for the ultimate prints, the process moved toward choosing the precise thickness of the panels that would suffice. The architect chose a thickness of ½ inch while we stock panels that top-out at 3/8 of an inch. This required that we seek assistance from an outside source for the ½-inch panels.


Making special arrangements and finding resources outside of the company are standard procedure for maintaining our reputation for quality service. Though I thought to require a deposit for an order so customized, I proceeded with acquiring the panels without doing so. Sure enough, the client changed his mind and instead chose panels that were ¾ of an inch each.


At this point, it would have been well-within our right to pass on the additional cost to the client, but in this case, we absorbed the added expense and continued filling the order. We did, however, require a 50% deposit which the client provided immediately.


Further complicating matters, the original batch of ½ inch panels arrived with inconsistencies that would potentially ruin the prints and therefore had to be replaced. Fortunately, the supplier holds customer service in high regard and replaced the panels without delay.


Once all of the panels were received, we proceeded in fashioning the large  acrylic prints to the exact specifications provided by our customer. The results were spectacular and we were able to complete construction, perform our standard quality tests, and ship the panels to the client in Connecticut. We learned valuable lessons during this particular project and though we chose to absorb additional costs, the client was pleased with the work and our reputation of providing quality products in a timely manner with friendly, responsive, and expert customer service was preserved.


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