Acrylic Facemounts or Acrylic Prints

Not sure what to choose. Read below. Both Prints on Acrylic and Acrylic facemounts are quality products but service different markets.

  •  “I have a great photo of my family and want to put it up at my home, The photo is rather large and i dont want to pay a crazy amount “?

Answer-     Prints on Acrylic

Reason- Acrylic prints are less costly to produce which means lower prices

  • “I was just in South beach and was at the Peter Lik gallery and want to create his style of print”?

Answer-    Facemount Acrylic

Reason- Peter Lik creates his art with the facemount style 

  • ”We have a digital image of lanscape photo we took from our vacation and we need the colors to match the mini version hard copy we created on paper”?

Answer – Facemount Acrylic

Reason- If you are a stickler for exact color matching  your paper print, then facemount is the best choice. 

  • ” We are decorating our office and will need 10-20 prints large size prints “?

Answer- Prints on Acrylic

Reason- Economical , less heavy and best bang for the buck 


Prints on Acrylic
  • “I have a school project and wanted to do a circle acrylic “?

Answer- Prints on Acrylic

Reason- We only offer this with acrylic prints

  • “I want to do a facemount but it needs to be hung with standoffs”

Answer- Prints on Acrylic

Reason- We only offer this option with prints on acrylic 

  • ”I am exhibiting at an exclusive gallery and want to showcase my work on Acrylic “

Answer- Facemount Acrylic

Reason- If you are selling expensive art in a gallery setting Facemount acrylic may be your best option 

Acrylic facemount
  • “I am selling my art on Acrylic but needs to meet a certain price point”

Answer- Prints on Acrylic

Reason- Acrylic Facemounts are more costly then Acrylic prints

  • “Im used to printing on paper and want to maintain the exact same colors when i use acrylic”

Answer- Facemount acrylic

Reason- If you want the exact same result then stick with facemounts

  • “Im looking to purchase a 60-40 print for my home but need the method which is lighter “

Answer- Prints on Acrylic

Reason- Acrylic facemounts are far heavier then acrylic prints –