Custom acrylics with extra flare

Many customers want to create custom  acrylic panels that are original and modern.  The normal acrylic printed panel where we print on the back and come through the front is not enough for them.


Last month we received a phone call form a customer who we had dealt with years ago. He tried explaining his vision of wanting to do various  custom acrylics  that would float in the air. He explained he was planning a gallery benefit and really wanted to show people something different with his Acrylic prints.


He described his vision, something about acrylics would be floating from some type of display and the display would be  different thickness… It was all very confusing to me.


We always try to understand a customers vision when creating custom acrylics. So not as to waste time we gave him  a cool design idea. Why not create a custom acrylic and print on the acrylic and then add thicker acrylic pieces to the print. We would print the larger acrylic on 3/16th inch acrylic then the we would add various thicknesses to certain areas of the acrylic panel.  Smaller panels would be either 1/4- 3/16 or 3/8 in thickness.

He was blown away by the idea and we started working together on the project. His wanted to do 4 very large custom acrylics with various thicknesses. Each custom acrylic panel would be printed on 3/16 acrylic with the various cut outs being 1/4 or 3/8 thick.

The job itself was not that problematic- the real challenge was to be able to create a way to organize the files so it would be comprehensive for us to understand. Certain images needed to be different thickness within the actual panel.

Not wanting the panels to come apart during transport we send the cut outs in a separate box with our special tape for the customer to put on. Ech panel would be numbered to match the acrylic – and the box it was in.

The customer loved the product and was a big hit and his gala.