Acrylic Photo Prints: Our Editing Services

We offer various editing services at Big Acrylic for our metal and acrylic photo prints. Some are simple while some are more challenging but keep us on our toes.


The Simple Edit


Sometimes, we get an order from a customer but the size ration they request does not work with their image. We either print the photo in a different size, or crop the photo to create the size option they want. In both cases, we call or email the customer to go over the options. This scenario is straight forward.


On numerous occasions, we receive an image the client has found online and is steadfast in creating as an acrylic photo print. Even with our special software, there are some images that we simply cannot produce at a high enough resolution to create a clear picture. However, printing on the brushed metal can hide the images lack of dpi and create an artsy- sculptured look. The brushed metal print is an excellent alternative to our acrylic photo prints in this case.


Another simple edit is for a customer who want their image black and white. We create a black and white version and send back to the customer for their approval.


Another popular edit is the “Can you cut out the person on the right?” Photoshop is an amazing tool and there is a feature that enables to cut unwanted areas of the photo.


Often corporate clients want text on their acrylic photo print. We usually create a few versions for the customer to check. We will put the text on different areas as well as offer different font styles to choose. Again this happens in a few quick phone calls or emails to make sure the customer is happy.


Another frequent editing occurrence is when a customer wants a tryptic made of the photo they sent us. This usually is an easy fix. If the image is 60-40 inches we would divide the photo into 3 panels of 20 by 40 inches. We will always send the 3 panel version for the client to approve before production.


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A recent client wanted us to make the sky in his image more blue but maintain the same colors that were in the photo. In this scenario we were able to create a bluer sky while preserving the color in the rest of the image. This took a little bit more time and a few tries until we got it right. Just this morning, a client sent us a photo of their child in a football uniform. They wanted to have the other kids and parents to have a blurred effect. It did take the team a while to get the desired look but the customer was thrilled with what their acrylic photo print is going to look like.


A rewarding project is helping clients decide what sizes their acrylic photo prints should be made for their office walls. In doing this, we always want to make sure that the size of the photos are all the same height- nothing looks worse then uneven photos on the wall.


An example here is if the customer wants to have both landscape and portrait photo next to each other. In this case, we will choose files we will be able to execute an even look with. So, a 60-40 landscape will be the same height as a 40-30 portrait image. Or a 30-20 landscape would look great next to a 20-10 portrait image on a smaller wall. As long as we receive images that can match both landscape and portrait mirror sizes this can be executed easily. We may need to crop photos a little but as always we will send images for your approval.


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The Hard Edit


A hard edit would be when someone wants to replace an image in a photo with another image. An example of this would be replacing a Honda with a Corvette. This would be possible but it would take much longer and there would be a cost associated with it.


Another example is when a particular desired effect is needed in the photo. There are all sorts of tools offered to do this but sometimes we need to create an HDR effect in an image. You can see what HDR is in a previous blog. Again, this is very doable, but can be time-consuming to create the exact desired effect a customer is looking for.


Creating pop art from an image is a major edit but totally possible. We would need to create the art then send to the customer for approval. From experience, it’s best to find out the color pallets customer wants and all pertinent information we need to fulfill their vision.


Another editing feature we do is create custom shapes. We have done many circles and other shapes that are not that acute. It’s always best for customers to send their image in the shape they want in a digital file. Images that have to many acute angles are not possible to do as we don’t have the the proper cnc router to do it.


Acrylic Photo Prints