Acrylic and Metal Prints: Popular Questions

We often receive email or phone calls from clients who have questions regarding their acrylic or metal prints. Most of these questions are focused on product specifications, timeframes, and logistics but sometimes the questions are entertaining and they brighten my day. Below, you will find some common questions we receive from our clients, as well as a few of our favorite kooky ones.

Where can I see samples of what you make?

Unlike many companies that only show a few samples of their wares, we show many. Check out the product landing page or the customer creation page. In the customer creation page many of the photos are labelled showing the actual size of the medium.

I saw an image I like in your customer creation page- Can I use it to produce my own acrylic or metal print?

Unfortunately not. These images belong to third parties and we are unable to sell them.

Is it possible to print an image I found online?

Yes, as long as it has high enough resolution to produce an acrylic or metal print.

Does Big Acrylic offer images ?

We have another site where we have collected some images we love, that are available for purchase–

Can photos from my iPhone create acrylic or metal prints?

Surprisingly yes, images from your phone can be used for you prints. You can also send the images for us to check through our consultation page.

 How do I know how large I can make a print ?

It’s actually pretty simple! Just follow the instructions below:

  • Right click your image
  • Click properties
  • Click details
  • Check the pixels
  • Example – 3000 – 4000
  • Divide the pixels by 150 (required resolution for our printers)
  • 3000/150 = 20 4000/150=27

In this scenario you would be able to print an image that’s 20-27 inches.  However we have software that can increase the files size. Just send us the photo through our consultation section and we will see how large of a print we can produce with your image.

Even well-known sites such as Shutterstock don’t always offer huge file sizes to create acrylic and metal prints. However, we have proprietary software that can increase the quality of any image.


If my image is split into multiple panels, will a small file enable you to create a quality print?

Unfortunately not – instead of one large pixelated image you will have three small ones.

Can I pay for my print after I receive it?

All orders must be paid in full upon order. For larger orders we accept 50% payment on order and the remaining 50% when the order ships.

What display option is best ?

The float off the wall option is by far the most popular display option. It is extremely easy to hang and comes with all hardware. If you like seeing hardware in the front then the standoff option is what we recommend. This display option takes more time and hanging expertise as you need to screw the standoffs into the wall. Best to get a handy person to do it.

The float off the wall option works for acrylic and metal prints that are large in size. We have produced sizes up to 80-50 inches.

If you are planning to display many panels next to each other, then the float is a cleaner look. You could use the standoff option but there will be a lot of standoffs on your wall.

However, one advantage of the standoffs is that they lock to the wall, making them ideal for public places.

You can also get a lock put on the float option so the acrylic or metal prints cannot be removed from the wall.

Are all display options safe?

Yes all are safe! We would not offer a product that is not. If you are concerned about the edges of the acrylic or metal prints, you can order it with rounded corners. Many hospitals choose this option.

Some odd questions we have received

  • Will the acrylic freeze in a truck?
  • Can you make the acrylic so that it will glow the dark?
  • Is it possible to make an acrylic for free and we send it back after our show?
  • Can you make a rounded metal panel with a photo – so we can use it as a decorative Frisbee?
  • Will suction darts ruin an acrylic or metal print?

Must I say more !

Have any more interesting questions or topics you would like to discuss- we are available 7 days a week.