Acrylic prints with the Best Colour Consistency

Recently, a local customer wanted some advice on the photos she wanted to create acrylic prints from. She had been on a wonderful trip North and had taken breath taking photo of Aurora Borealis.  We were more then pleased to spend time with her to create the best acrylic prints.

She arrived at my office with her mac and 10 hard copies of prints she was thinking about producing. Prior to leaving her house she up loaded the same 10 image to me as well.

We compared the same photos on her mac, on my pc and the hard copies and each appeared different.  Some were lighter and some darker. None of these differences were dramatic but were noticeable.

Like I tell all my clients, every computer screen sees an image differently. What you see on a mac will be different then what you see on a Toshiba Laptop and both will be different then the hard copy.

We can confirm what i.c.c. profile we use, but it still does not guarantee 100% colour accuracy. If you are worried about colours variation we you can do 2 things.

A) Print a mini me version of the image you want for 19.95 including shipping. With this sample you can see the final version of the print in a small format and you can correct colours in photo shop to match our set-up. So if you thought the red was not bright enough in your acrylic print you can adjust it in photo shop.

B) Create a hard copy and send it to us. With this we have a actual photo to compare with when we print your acrylic prints.

With that being said, over 95 % of our customers order on-line without  A or B. and are happy with their results.  Again, it all depends on your particularity. If you are a perfectionist and need certainty we suggest A or B.

We are always extremely forthcoming and will go the extra mile to make sure you get what you envisioned.  Please call us concerning any aspect of your acrylic prints. We look forward to speaking to you.