Acrylic photo panels that meet any budget

The challenge

At Bigacrylic we are known for offering many different finishing and hanging options for our Acrylic photo panels.  We often receive phone calls from a wide spectrum of digital artists and photographers inquiring  about the most economical method of producing their acrylic photo panels so they can resell at a modest profit.

The Answer

Our 1″ mount is ideal for digital artist, photographers or every day consumers to produce large panels at bargain basement prices. Our 1 ” mount is our base model. It includes the Acrylic panel lying on top of a 1″ wooden frame. The acrylic photo panel is then glued to the 1″ frame and black adhesive is taped around where the wood and  where the panel meet.  We go one step further and print the back of the acrylic black so you don’t see the mount through the acrylic. Is it the most decorative modern piece ? No, but many clients love it because its the best bang for the buck. Imagine spending only $210.00 for a 30-40″ or $290.00 for 40-40″. Most companies who do face mounting charge $395.00 and $495.00 or more respectively.  Whats more is there is an additional 15% DISCOUNT we offer to the pro market. Can you spell S-A-V-I-N-G-S-!!




Out of the hundreds we have sold 2% complained about the condition of the tape on the acrylic. Because we use an adhesive tape there is a chance that it can slightly curl up from the wood. These customers only had to press down on the tape and the problems was solved.  We never had a any acrylic photo panel sent back to us for this reason. For an aesthetic look you will see black around the sides  of the panel from an angle Straight on you don’t notice it.


For a cost efficient way of producing large acrylic photo panels the 1″ mount offers up to a 40-50 % saving when compared to other methods.  Not the most chic finishing in the world, but you wont find a better low cost solution. We love what we do an encourage you to call us with any question you may have about this subject or any other