Acrylic Prints Top 10 Questions

When you are thinking of purchasing acrylic prints, you may have many questions in mind. Which is understandable! We want this to be an excited purchase for you, and so, we are answering some of the common questions we receive about acrylic prints.

We are happy to answer all of your questions about acrylic prints. They are our specialty and we want nothing more than to share our knowledge with you. Please call or email us anytime if you have a question that is not addressed in our Top 10 Questions List.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 questions we receive about acrylic prints.

1)  Does the thickness of acrylic effect the image quality?

The quick answer is no. We offer 4 thicknesses – 1/8, 3/16, 1/4 and 3/8. The acrylic thickness does not effect the image quality. A thicker acrylic will give a translucent effect when looking through the sides.  The image itself does not change with thick or thin acrylic.

2) Is acrylic glass?

Acrylic is not glass, but visually, it is nearly impossible to tell the difference. However, acrylic is lighter, more durable, and less costly to purchase. Glass is scratch resistant but very easy to crack.  Acrylic offers 92 % light transmittance while glass offers 90 % transmittance.

Acrylic is many times stronger than glass. If acrylic shatters, it does so in large pieces with relatively blunt edges. When glass shatters, it may be a safety hazard.  Acrylic is much lighter than glass. This is magnified when hanging large acrylic panels.


Acrylic Prints

3) Can I hang acrylic outdoors?

Definitely not. Many acrylic printers make this claim, but acrylic will simply not last outside in the elements. We would rather be honest with you and lose a sale than sell you a lie. The good news is that we also offer metal prints and they can absolutely be displayed outdoors.

4) Can my acrylic panel be translucent in areas where there is no print?

Yes, however you would need to choose the standoff option when choosing a hanging option. The float off the wall option which features a wood block in back would be visible if areas in the panel were clear and translucent.

5) Can I find an image on the internet and print a large acrylic panel?

Yes you can! However, keep in mind, we need a high quality image to produce a large image. If you want to produce large size image acrylic panels you would need to purchase images from a reputable company such as, You can also check check free images at

Acrylic Prints

6) Does a large acrylic panel need to be thick if I’m ordering with the float option?

The answer is no. The acrylic even at sizes larger then 60-40 inches works great in the 1/8 thickness even in the float option. It’s even recommended to use a 1/8 ” thickness as its lighter on the wall. 1/4 inch would be to heavy on the wall. 3/16 as well would work. Again, the thickness of the acrylic does not effect the image quality.

7) Whats the difference between an acrylic print and facemounting?

In facemounting, the image is printed on photo paper and then sandwiched in between acrylic and a rigid substrate such as dibond. Acrylic prints are printed directly onto the back of the acrylic .

8) How do I know what size to order?

We list standard sizes on our website and you can also email us about custom sizing. We offer a cropper tool on our website. So for example, if you want to order a 24×18 print, but aren’t sure how this size will look with your image, you can check using the cropper tool.

Acrylic Prints

9) How long will my acrylic last?

For a very long time! Even in direct sunlight, acrylic will not fade. We easily expect a lifespan of 30 years.

10) How do I clean my acrylic?

Dusting is best, using a non-abrasive cloth. You can also use mild soap or cleaner without damaging the product.