Digital Metal posters or Sublimated Metal Prints

Certain photos work better with certain mediums. Offering advice to potential clients on what medium to use is a frequent occurrence. Should i chose digital metal posters  or sublimated prints ?

What looks good on a digital metal posters may not work on sublimated Metal prints.  A sublimated Metal print has a glossy and sparkle feel to it. The white Metal in contrast has deeper color and matte look. Both are quality prints but exhibit totally different characteristics. When a customer mentions they dont want any reflection in their metal print you know to steer them to digital Metal.  Same goes for some one who wants more pop and extra flare, sublimation prints would be better.

Sublimated Metal prints

Recently a digital artist asked for advice for producing his prints- His first inclination was to produce on acrylic. After seeing 10 of his images we advised him to create metal sublimation prints as it was perfect fort his medium. Bright bold colors, funky shapes and plethora colors would look amazing on sublimation metal. My preference is abstract art on this medium but landscapes look amazing as well.



Digital Metal Prints

Since there are 2 kinds of digital metal posters offered we often spend time going over clients photos to advise them best print to chose. Our white metal has no visible pattern whereas our brushed metal does.  Leaving any area of your photo white will show the brushed pattern in its organic form. Some love this effect some dont.  Again, this is more of a taste issues.  If you dont want to see any pattern then white metal is the best option.  Colors are vivid but unlike acrylic dont glare and show reflection. If your photo lacks resolution the brushed pattern can hide some of the imperfections of the photo. Photo below is an image on metal. Half is white metal other half is brushed metal.








Digitally printed white Metal Vs Sublimated metal prints

Hooked on Metal but not sure which style works best. If you want great color contrast and a matted look the White Metal is a great choice. More of an elegant refined look. Colors pop but in a minimalist way. Understated yet sophisticated.

Colors explode off the Metal with sublimation. A shiny wet look makes this style bold and wall art the screams for attention.

The style of material you use for your photo is a personal taste and needs to pull on your emotions. Go with what you like and listen to your own gut feeling