Photo Wall Art

We live in a world saturated with photos.  Everyone has hundreds of images saved on our phones that they carry everywhere. We pose in them and share them with family and friends. Who needs to talk when you can share images of your day, vacation, or family dinner?  With so much content on our handheld devices and personal computers – do we really need to hang them on the walls as photo wall art as well?

Many of us have a particular wall in our homes dedicated to family photos. Or, many of us hang our photos in a gallery-like setting in a particular room. These areas can include the bedroom, the basement and even the mud room.  We tend to spend the most time in these private areas, so having photos there makes the most sense. These intimate settings allow us to see small photos close up as a result. If they were hung over the sofa, the effect would be lost.


What to Create

You can create a storyline with photo wall art. Starting with the photos of kids as babies, to the memorable family trip, to the graduation photos. As a personal example, my family takes a group photo every year. And every year, my folks hang up one of these photos on a wall of their bedroom.  That’s 20 photos set up of the whole family over a twenty year period! And, there’s nothing like seeing everybody age!

Most photos taken on handheld devices can be produced as large images. If you want to create photo wall art from these images, it’s best to create a folder of your favourite photos. To begin, choose as many as you want and put them into the folder. After that, you can narrow it down to the best 10 you want produced.

Once you have chosen the photos you want as part of your wall art, check the dimensions of each photo. Chances are your photos are the same size if you used the same handheld device. If you are not technical, most companies will provide this service as well. At Big Acrylic, customers send images, and we confirm the different sizes and layouts they can be. You may choose to do 2 small prints beside one large print, for example. In this case, the large print could be 20-30, and the smaller prints could be 9-9 inches.


What styles to choose

There is no right or wrong way to create photo wall art. You can choose to do all of your photos in color, or a mixture of color and black or white, or just black and white. Remember, it’s all based on personal taste.  You can even add some writing above the photos.  Again, this is your own space and based on your taste. Thinking out of the box is always daring and fun.

Recently, we created photos of a family for the wall space above the mother’s vanity. We created a panel for each parent and child in Warhol-style pop art. For example, the father’s pop-art image was him running since he was a triathlete. Each panel revealed something personal about each family member.


Again, it’s all about personal taste. For traditionalists, there is the basic paper print in a frame. And, you can mix different color frames to create a rainbow frame effect, or use the same color tones for frames.

Depending on the budget, you may want something more chic. Acrylic prints and metal prints offers a modern hip look. If you are looking to really rock your walls, choose a white or metal wrap around box. Essentially, you can have the image wrap around the sides or leave the sides in their organic state. Brushed metal can also create an extra level of uniqueness with your photos.


Our new Stickyslabs are a fantastic way to create a photo wall art on your walls. Simply sending us the photos you want, and we will produce them on 1/8″ acrylic or metal and send them to you ready to hang. Each Stickyslab has a strip on the back that allows you to adhere it directly to the wall. Our adhesive strip is high quality and will not leave residue on your wall. Of course, this means it is easy to move and rearrange your photo wall art.