Dont be square : Circle art is hip and modern

The circle is the first, the simplest, and most perfect form.

The ancient Greek scholar Proclus spoke those words after discovering the unique symmetrical properties of the humble circle art.  I love hearts and stars and diamonds as much as anybody, but even I have to admit he had a point! The smooth curves, perfect symmetry, and easy repetition make these round rockstars ideal canvases for all kinds of stunning circle art.

We’ve all seen plenty of square and rectangular canvases throughout the years. A round canvas is a simple way to draw attention to compelling images, dynamic designs, and underappreciated spaces. A little perfection can improve any room, after all!

I love the look of circular art, so I’ve created this guide to help convince you that you need these smooth, stylish curves in your life! I’ve compiled my favorite circle decoration ideas for any space.

Keep reading to explore wall decoration ideas featuring round acrylic artwork from Big Acrylic!

What Is Circle Art?

First things first: what makes a piece of artwork “circle art?” By my personal definition, any piece of art on a circular canvas will qualify. Embroidery in a hoop, a wreath, and art clocks coexist in this category!

For a unique example, I want to draw your attention to the circular acrylic prints on the Big Acrylic website. They print Eye-catching images directly onto hand-cut acrylic glass panels. They are light, shatterproof artworks with a luminous look.

You can customize your acrylic art so the size and color will always match your space perfectly. I love mixing and matching complimentary images to create a unique mix of colors and textures. The group is cohesive because of the circular shape, which makes me feel like I can get creative with fewer risks.

Some images just look better without sharp edges!

circle art
circle art

How to Decorate With Circle Art

Even if you love the idea of round wall art for your living room, you might not know how to incorporate it into your decor. I’ve compiled all the tips I’ve learned since I took the plunge and started decorating with circle art. Feel free to copy my ideas or use them as a jumping-off point for your circle art odyssey!

Multi Circle Wall Decor

Do you have any narrow spaces in your home that could benefit from something eye-catching? Take a walk around and identify tight hallways, nooks at the end of staircases, blank separating walls, or spots above furniture like tables or couches. These can become the perfect home to multi-circle wall decor, which I call “the stacked circle look.”

Choose three pieces of circle art that are equal in size. Each circle should have a unifying factor, such as a color, a theme, or a texture. Stack the three pieces vertically or horizontally to create a visual story in an underutilized space.

Make a Gallery Wall Pop

Everyone loves a gallery wall, but these exciting collections of artwork can easily fall prey to “the rectangle problem.” Instead of a diverse selection of coordinating shapes, sizes, and textures, you’re stuck with a bunch of straight lines. Think outside of the frame by incorporating a few circles into your gallery wall for a dynamic addition to your current art collection.

Add a Unique Piece to an Odd Space

Are you trying to figure out how to decorate a weird space in your home, like a dormer wall? Circle art from Big Acrylic comes in custom sizes, so you can design a piece that fits your unusual space. I had a piece custom printed for a half-wall in my home, and I love how it naturally draws the eye.

A single circle goes a long way when you need to soften a space with sharp lines.

Create a Point of Interest

On the other hand, do you have a lot of wall space and not a lot of art? A single circular piece of art can create a point of interest, especially in an office or professional setting. The coolest part is that Big Acrylic can create custom pieces as large as 60 inches by 60 inches, so even massive spaces can become intimate and unified with artwork.

Don’t forget that Big Acrylic allows you to upload and print your own images, so you can choose a piece that says something about your business or your brand. Bring in colors from your logo so customers or clients will experience instant brand recognition when you welcome them inside.

Balance Your Round Furniture

Do you have a round ottoman or another piece of circular furniture that you love? These charming pieces can look out of place in a room without a unifying geometric element. A single piece of round art can help balance your beloved circular coffee table, Papasan chair, or round floor cushion, creating harmony in any home.

Embrace a Motif

While it was nearly impossible for me to pick out a favorite design from the Big Acrylic art library, you might have an easier time than I did! You can create visual harmony through repetition by decorating with an odd number of identical circles. Stack them in a row or create an organic cluster that draws attention to the configuration rather than the design.

Make Any Room Pop With Round Art

If you’re ready to think outside the box, why not start with a compelling piece of circle art for your home, office, or gallery space? I’ve heard from so many customers that their unique round artwork has added new life to unexpected places. With custom sizing and over 200 design options, I’m sure you can curate a creative space that’s as bold and brilliant as you are!

You’ll find everything from geode-inspired crystal art to larger-than-life landscapes in the Big Acrylic art library. You can even use your own image to create a custom piece like nothing else! Check out the options and begin your design revolution today!