Urban graffiti Art

No time like the summer to roam the city with camera in hand.

It takes no time to realize that art is all around us. Weather its the architecture of buildings in the downtown core or catching the smiles of kids eating ice cream on a hot muggy day.

My fascination is with graffiti.  The bright colors, the organic creativity in  this art form can only be appreciated by walking the streets and experiencing it

I have printed a few of these images on Acrylic and the colors really pop. The larger the image, the better. I chose to wander the streets with my canon Camera but most phones will capture the beautiful artwork that can be found on our streetsUntitledgraff-60-4530302222 DSC012954040 DSC00968ccc DSC01102bvv DSC01097bbb DSC00964c DSC01029cc DSC00961z DSC01041xx



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