Urban Graffiti Art

There’s no time like the summer to roam the city with camera in hand. See, art is all around us, from the architecture of the downtown core, to kids eating ice cream on a hot, muggy day. Our world is photogenic. Especially the walls and alleys lined with urban graffiti art. 

Graffiti fascinates me. The bright colors and the organic creativity in this art form can only be appreciated by walking the streets and experiencing it. Graffiti art expresses a whole range of emotions and ideas. Old, run-down buildings get a second life as a canvas, and streets become filled with color. And there is no shortage of graffiti-lined areas in most major cities. Fortunately, Montreal is famous for is urban graffiti art. I choose to wander the streets with my Canon camera and snap photos. But, most smart phones can easily capture the beautiful artwork found on the streets.

Additionally, I have printed a few of these images on acrylic and the colors really pop. Acrylic prints really highlight the contrast between the colors. And I find that the graffiti becomes a great focal point for the room. All at once, the image is industrial and artistic. Full of freedom and creativity. I find that the larger the image, the better it looks on acrylic. 

Below are some of the images I’ve captured from my adventures. Since graffiti interests me so much, you should definitely stay tuned to the Big Acrylic blog for more graffiti-related content! 

Photos of Urban Graffiti Art
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