Acrylic group photos are modern and unique

Recently we have received emails and phone call concerning photo splits, or Acrylic group photos.  Designers and decorators have told us they are available at many canvas websites and should be added to our product line.

What is a photo split

Taking a photo and making a group collection out of them. There could be 3 or 4 panels that make up the group. The photo can be of a landscape, city scape or abstract image. Rarely is it of a group of people. The  Acrylic group photos can as well be horizontal or vertical. The sizes of each split varies and is not limited to these sizes- 3 panels of 12 by 24 ( 36-24), 3 panels of 15 by 30 (45-30), 3 panels of 18 by 36 ( 54-36), 3 panels of 20 by 40 ( 60-40) 3 panels of 20 by 90 ( 60-90) It is possible to do larger and different size dimensions depending on your taste. Unless the panels are coming from different photos its still essential to have the proper size photo.  Even if the photo is being spit into 3 sections its the entire size of the photo that will determine print quality. We have special software that could increase the file size. Chances are there will need to be cropping done to your acrylic group photos to meet most popular sizes. It is possible to do custom size panels,


acrylic panels 1ddd

What we offer

We may eventually offer group panel prints on-line but for now if you are interested call or email us so we can help in the process. You can send the image through our consultation page and describe what size panels you are looking for.  We can then confirm if the size  you want it doable. We can also advise the best size for your panels. If you need cropping for the desired effect there we be no charge. We will also confirm the price per panel When choosing a group panel for you acrylic print we feel the float option is the most modern look. All you need to do is take the acrylic prints out of the box and hang up. Its best to leave around 3-5 inches between each panel for desired effect. All three panels need to be lined up precisely so they appear as one large Acrylic with space in between.