Metal Outdoor Wall Art For Summer

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, then you’ll see that we are spending some time promoting aluminum prints. One of the biggest differences between acrylic prints and aluminum prints is that aluminum prints are able to hang, or stand, outside. Acrylic prints will fade if directly in the sunlight and lose their vibrancy. They are also less durable in extreme temperatures and weather conditions. You can maybe get a year, at most, out of an outdoor acrylic print. Aluminum prints can withstand extreme temperatures, rain, snow, storms without warping, rusting, or fading drastically. So, if you are in the market for some metal outdoor wall art, Big Acrylic has you covered!

Aluminum Prints as Decor

Their durability in outdoor settings means that you can take your interior decor straight to your patio or backyard. Adding a bit of exterior wall art can make your outdoor space feel more inviting or cozy. Adding a piece of metal wall art can also help solidify a decor theme in your outdoor space. A theme may be harder to keep together in a space that is larger and more open than a bedroom or living room.

Let’s say, for example, you have a nautical theme. Across your backyard you have life preservers, painted anchors, and thick rope. Adding an additional nautical image, such as a steering wheel in brushed metal, or an image containing the traditional navy blue, stark white, and ruby red, will tie together these pieces. Your backyard will feel cohesive and put together. Instead of feeling as though it was tossed together.

custom metal outdoor wall art
A metal sign with stand-offs is a perfect piece of decor in busier areas or shared spaces as well.

Custom Metal Outdoor Wall Art

Since we can make custom shapes out of our aluminum prints, the possibilities for unique wall art are endless. If we take our above example of a nautical-themed backyard, we would be able to cut a steering wheel into its shape. Thus, you would have a show-stopping, unique piece that would tie together your theme.

Aluminum prints are much lighter than acrylic prints, but are still very durable. This means that you will have a high-quality metal print that you can easily move around, bring inside, and won’t need a neighbor to help hang.

With our metal box hanging option, you could easily install a number of pieces onto a fence, deck, or even a tiki torch, for a more tiled and modern look.

Aluminum Prints as Table Tops

But, what if you don’t have a place to hang metal outdoor wall art? You can use aluminum prints as a custom table-top! Only if you’re feeling creative and handy, of course. Although we aren’t in the business of selling patio furniture, we are able to provide a custom aluminum panel that can be used to create a small, or large, outdoor table!

And, fortunately for you, most outdoor tables are made of aluminum! The light weight of the panel, combined with its thickness and durability, makes it ideal for a table top. The metal will not warp or bend from the weight of a cool drink. And you will have a completely custom piece that doesn’t just hang on the wall, but brings all your loved ones together.

While brushed metal would look nice as a table top, white metal would work better. The texture of brushed metal may make it harder to clean in the event of a spill. And, the exposed metal may get very hot if left out in the sun. White metal prints have a layer of white under the image. So, they will reflect the sunlight and not get as hot. The surface is also smoother, meaning a white metal panel will be much easier to clean and much better at holding your drinks.


As usual, if you have any questions or ideas for metal outdoor wall art that you want to create, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re always ready to help you create the print of your dreams!