Photo of the Week: Rock Star Images

You may have already seen this week’s photo featured on our Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. But, because it was so popular, we thought we should give it its own moment to shine. This week’s photo comes straight from the rock star images hall of fame: an acrylic print of Bob Dylan.

My friend’s son got in touch with me because he had just moved into a new home and was looking for some new images to decorate his walls. Like most customers I deal with, he asked me whether or not Google Images would be a high enough quality to print. Since he was a big music buff, he thought it would only be fitting to decorate his home with an image of his favorite artists. He send me around 20 rock star images, all taken from a simple Google search. But none of them were a high-enough resolution to print the size he wanted.

rock star images printed on acrylic
Bob Dylan on acrylic

The Process…

Sometimes, it is possible to print an image downloaded from Google on brushed metal. Brushed metal hides the imperfections of the image with its textured finish. We had done rock star images in the past of Freddie Mercury, Jimmy Page, and even Kanye West. So, we suggested this to our customer. He was, however, adamant that he wanted acrylic prints. he said that he loved the sheen and vibrance of an acrylic print, and didn’t want an industrial look for his new home.

A week later, we spoke again. He mentioned that his wife purchased a digital image of Bob Dylan, and he sent it to me to check for quality. I was very skeptical. He claimed she purchased the image on Etsy. And I wondered, did Etsy really supply digital images? And if they did, was it possible for them to offer rock star images?

I received the file, and to my surprise, it was huge! And it did, indeed, meet our resolution requirements. This was a game changer for me, since I had spent years searching for useable rock star images to no avail. Shutterstock and other image sites didn’t seem to have any available.

The Photo: Hall-of-Fame Worthy Rock Star Images

Our client, Gregory, decided to move ahead with a 54×36″ acrylic print. He also opted for the float frame for extra panache. The black and white photo contrasts wonderfully with the light wall and black frame. The image looks minimalist, but is really quite dynamic. The pained expression, the half-smoked cigarette, and of course, Dylan’s signature tangled hair all work together to create a mood fitting for a music lover.

Additionally, the green fern leaves pop extra more against this backdrop. Needless to say, Gregory was extremely impressed with the work.

As an additional note, I went ahead and checked Etsy and discovered that they do, in fact, offer digital images. However, searching in the proper category can be confusing to say the least. There is no area on the site that is labelled “digital images.” That being said, I can’t say for sure how easy it is to find large file images of famous people. But, with enough time and patience, you can find a special treasure like the Bob Dylan photo.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, comments, or to be featured as our photo of the week!