Poetry Prints to Celebrate National Poetry Month

Did you know that April is National Poetry Month? If not, that’s alright, you are in the majority. But for the next question. Did you ever think to decorate your home with quotes from your favorite writers, musicians, or actors? If not, that’s alright too! This week on the Big Acrylic blog, we’re focusing on the way poetry prints or other text-based prints can add a powerful and personal statement to your wall decor.

Why Poetry?

Literary scholars ask this question daily. And, the simple answer they all come to is that poetry has the ability to move us and make us feel deeply. That’s why poetry is constantly around us. From our morning commute, to the shows we chill out with at night, like Criminal Minds, poetry is everywhere.

While images from vacations past draw up pleasant memories, quotes can stay with us for life and may even change how we view or approach situations or events in our life. Many people use the repeated line in Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise” as inspiration to persist and never give up, even when knocked down.

Most of the general public associate poetry with books, pages, or readings. And they don’t think of poetry as a visual art form. In recent years, many writers challenge that idea by hosting exhibits that feature poetry prints and visual art speaking to each other. In your home, this could look like a print of e.e. cummings’ famous line “i carry your heart with me” next to your favourite wedding day photos.

Text and Poetry Prints

A new trend filling the walls of homes is positive, powerful, and beautiful words from great poets. These prints add depth and contrast to gallery walls and décor by breaking up images with text. Sometimes the text links all the images together. Or the prints feature graphics that play off the color scheme of the surrounding images.

In other cases, a simple black and white text print is a powerful statement piece. Especially if the text is a quote or poem that resonates with us. A print like this is minimal, and will match with any décor palette. And it uniquely showcases not just your tastes in literature, but your whole personality.

Users fill sites like Pintrest and Instagram with images of their poetry prints. These are often done with a calligraphy pen or watercolor for a more bubbly effect. However, simple type-written lines look clean, sleek, and serious. Like always at Big Acrylic, the choice is yours.

Although text-based prints are commonly done on paper, an acrylic or metal print can add a high contrast between the color of the text and the blank space of a page. Furthermore, you will never have to worry about trying to make an acrylic or metal print lay flat against the wall, as you would with a paper print. Curled up edges are a thing of the past.

Inspiration for Poetry Prints

We’re focusing on poetry in this blog post because of National Poetry Month. However, quotes from family members, movies, or songs also work well for these prints. A small, typographic print of a family member’s favorite saying adds a deeply personal touch to your walls that cannot be replicated by wall hangings bought from Target.

A good place to get inspiration for these text-based prints is, of course, Instagram or Pinterest. Even just checking out blogs like Apartment Therapy, or Pottery Barn’s guides, can get the creative juices flowing. A poetry print adds emotional depth, a pop of personality, and some beautiful pizzaz to your walls.