Large Panel Prints on Acrylic

We’re not called Big Acrylic for no reason. With our abilities, we produce large panel prints on acrylic or metal up to 60″ by 96″. And you will love the results.  

There are lots of ways to print your most cherished photos. But, acrylic prints from Big Acrylic change those photos into art you can display just about anywhere. We use the latest technology to produce high-resolution prints on durable and high-quality acrylic sheets. Rather than having your prints merely laminated within an acrylic sleeve, printing on acrylic makes the colors more vibrant and vivacious.  

A New Offering: Large Panel Prints


This image is a 50″x 40″ acrylic panel.

Big Acrylic has been turning the visions of our many clients into wondrous and artistic pieces for years. So, we are thrilled to announce a significant increase in our capability: large panel prints on acrylic!

This means that you can now get the same quality prints, with the very same industry-leading resolution, in a much larger range of sizes. And of course, we deliver each print with the highest standards of customer service you love from Big Acrylic.

We used to receive calls enquiring about 60″ x 60″ panels. Fortunately, we can now offer those sizes and larger. If your required size is larger than 40-60″, it’s best to call to go over the best display options for large sizes.

Customers seeking large-format printing on acrylic can choose an array of factors to customize their prints. We strive to understand exactly what each customer needs and how we can deliver and exceed their expectations. We built our reputation on crafting the highest quality acrylic prints available, and ensuring that each piece fulfills your vision. And that level of fulfilment starts with our customer service.

Contact us by calling our toll free number: 1 (877) 234-4466 or (514) 904-6760. Or, send us an email at:

We’d be happy to consult with you through designing your next project, and we’d be more than happy to create one of our breathtaking acrylic prints for your home or office today. Go big and you will never go back. If you need more information concerning printing large acrylic prints contact us 7 days a week.