Acrylic and Prints on Metal Prints – Q & A

Diving into art mediums may seem like a huge feat. Without full understanding, we may avoid creating our own custom pieces. Rest assure, we are here to address the most common questions relating to Acrylic and prints on Metal.


1) Does the thickness of acrylic affect image quality?

We offer various thickness styles – 1/8, 3/16, 1/4 and 3/8. It only changes what it says thickness. The quality of the image provided determines the end result. Thickness is a personal preference.


2) Do I need to use thicker acrylic with larger size pieces?

It depends on the chosen displace option. For instance, with standoff, you would need a thicker acrylic to avoid bending. For float off the wall, we recommend a 1/8 acrylic as it is light weight and easy to place.


3) Do you offer shiny prints on metal 

At Big Acrylic, we use a white dibond and add a varnish that permits a polish across the Metal.  Our technique is known as Flatbed printing, meaning to digitally print images directly on the dibond. It varies from the commonly used Sublimation process, setting us aside by using heat transfer instead. The end result – a lustrous product.


4) I saw on other sites you can put the acrylic outside. Can your products last outdoors?

Technically, Yes. However, do not expect a long “lifespan”. Acrylics can endure environmental changes for about a year. Our suggestion steers you away from placing a precious acrylic outside, and rather, focus your attention on Metal printing. Metal can withstand the harshest tests of time and would be your go to product for outdoor décor.


5) Are your prints on Acrylic scratch free?

Yes and No. If taken care of acrylic prints can last a life time. However, if grazed across a sharp edge, or cleaned with a roughness, scratches may appear. If you are seeking a scratch resistant medium, metal would be the best option. Choose the option for varnish to enhance that extra layer or protection.


6) What is Sintra?

Sintra is a rigid structural material that furnishes the acrylic with more body. It is not necessary for small or very large pieces unless you are seeking an extra thickness on your acrylic print. If you wish to hide display options in the back of the acrylic, then sintra is for you. We currently print in blank ink to offer the same option as well.


7) What happens if we order and do not like the Acrylic prints?

In the rare occasion an Acrylic arrives damaged, we will replace it immediately at no cost to you. If you are not satisfied with the colors, we cannot offer a recourse unless a hard copy with an exact color match was provided. A scenario as such is one and few in-between.


8) Why does your site not offer a live chat?

Great question. We prefer to speak with our clients than do instant chat. It is quicker, more personable, and gives us a chance understand and relay all information. At Big Acrylic, we enjoy our customer service and building relationships.

Quick anecdote. Our first attempt with chat lead to a huge misunderstanding (surprise). The caps lock went full throttle and the potential client assumed it was an indication of us yelling! Could not have been further from the truth. Therefore, next day, the chat feature was no more.


9) What is the most popular display option for Prints on Metal and Acrylic?

The float option is by far the most common. With its very user-friendly feature, the classic two screws in the wall and eh voila! It’s up! Box to display is a very minimal process. The float option is also the most popular with prints on metal.


10) Can I download an image I find on the internet and create a print on Acrylic?

Aside from copyright violations, most images found online are small and subpar quality. The lack of d.p.i. makes it quite challenging to print a quality acrylic or mental image. We often suggest checking out Throughout the process, we are here to help in any way possible to select the best photo for a superb result.


11) I have a physical photo and would like it printed and enlarged. Is this possible?

Yes, you can either scan the photo in 600 d.p.i and we will confirm the print size OR send us the hard copy to scan ourselves. If you wish to have a largescale print, we can do that through our professional digital scanner to customize the desired result.


12) We want our photo to be cut into 3 pieces. Can you do it?

Triptychs is a very trendy style. Just send us the photo you wish to use, and we can form it into three panels. Before production, we provide a virtual proof to make sure it meets your expectations.


13) What is the largest size you can produce?

We can do Acrylic prints up to 60-120 inches. Not many facilities can accomplish this, yet we are able to! Our most common large sizes are 40 – 120 inches. Metal prints have a range up to 60-96 inches.


14) Do you have a showroom to visit?

Yes indeed. Along with our production facility we have a 1600 square foot gallery that showcases a spectrum of styles and displays. If you are in the area, we encourage you to stop by.