Acrylic Photo Print on Black Acrylic

We always try to offer different Acrylic photo prints at Big Acrylic. Do what other companies are not and distinguish ourselves as a innovator in large format acrylic printing.

While surfing the net ,i  happen to come across An Acrylic photo print company that printed on the front of Black Acrylic. We currently print on the back of clear Acrylic.  If you print on the back of black acrylic that image would not be able to come through the front.  Printing directly onto the front of  Black Acrylic creates an extension of depth


The benefit

The white ink is printed on the front of the black Acrylic.  The Black in the photo will be the actual Black Acrylic. The white ink on the Acrylic panel is raised so it capturing a real 3d effect.  This style only works with Black and white images. If colour images are used you would not see it on the Black Acrylic background.

We have done this style for portraits, cityscapes and landscapes. Customers appreciate the  3d effect that is captured .  If you are not a fan of black and white imagery or 3d this style will not be for you.

The Negatives

Because we print on the front of the Acrylic in this style, you can never wipe the surface of the acrylic with non solvent cleaners, like we do with our standard Acrylics.  As well, you will need to wipe with a dry cloth or a duster to remove dirt or dust. We also recommend avoiding using this style in bathrooms or any other room that has a lot of moisture.

As mentioned prior, this Black Acrylic photo printing will only work with images that are Black and White.

If you need more information on this or any other Acrylic photo print please call or email us.