Making sure you receive the best Acrylic Print

Whenever we receive an order for An Acrylic print or Metal print we go through a number of checks and balances.  Without doing this there is always a possibility that the customer receives a product that is less then 100 %

1- Check the D.P.I.

For best results we like all of photos to have 150 d.p.i or more. We often receive orders for Acrylic prints where the d.p.i  is not sufficient. Often clients send us photos from their cell phone expecting to be able to create large Acrylic prints . In some cases it will work, depending how many Mega Pixels your phone is.  If you are unsure ,send us the photo, we can check it out for you. We also have software that can increase the file size. So its best to call or send us the photo to give you a free consultation.

2- Is the dimension size correct ?

Unless you enter your photo in photo shop its hard to know the exact size of your image.  In  extreme cases, we  have received orders on-line for a panoramic Acrylic Print when the image is  actually square. In this case scenario the best photo shopped image would not  be able to do this, unless it was cropped and reduced in size, something we wont do before consulting with you. If the size is  dimensionally smaller then what the client expects we will contact them. If it is off by 1″ or 2″ we will produce as is.

 3- Is the Image high enough resolution but a lousy photo ?

It is possible that your photo is the proper size and d.p.i but is a horrible photo to start with. This can happen when you take a photo and scan and send it. Although the scan is done in high resolution the photo itself may be blurry or grainy.  There is nothing that can be done in this case. As they say  “garbage in garbage out”.  The only option you may have, is producing a metal print instead of an acrylic photo print.  The brushed metal surface will hide some of the photos imperfections. If you need advice or are unsure about your acrylic or Metal print we are always here to help.