What are Panoramic Photos and How to Print it?

You had a great trip. You hiked to the top of the mountain, or you lounged on the beach looking at the crystal-clear water, and you snapped a photo. Or, you snapped a really long photo. Panoramic photos are great at capturing the whole breath-taking view before you. But capturing the photo is only half the battle. Once you have it, you need to figure out how to print panoramic photos.

Here at Big Acrylic, we see a lot of orders for panoramic prints. And, usually, the image that the client sends us doesn’t always match the size of the print that the client wants. In a previous blog post, we discussed how we go about cropping images. Sometimes knowing the size of your image can be difficult, which then makes knowing what size to print at difficult as well. Fortunately, your sizes aren’t limited to what’s in the drop down menu!

What are panoramic photos?

According to our pals at Wikipedia, panoramic photos are defined as photos that have a very wide aspect ratio. This means that they are a lot longer than they are tall, sort of like a ribbon. But this definition also means that there isn’t necessarily a set aspect ratio. This means that the size of panoramic photos can vary from photo to photo, or device to device.

That means finding a way to print panoramic photos and frame them can be very challenging, as they don’t fit the usual standard sizes.

a print panoramic photo on acrylic
Knowing where to print panoramic photos can be tricky because of their non-standard sizes.

How do I print panoramic photos?

Panoramic photos tend to require custom printing and framing, meaning that they can be a costly investment in your decor plans. Fortunately, we offer custom size printing onto metal or acrylic, that takes hassle out of printing and framing. We can do it all, in one stop!

All we need from you is a high resolution (at least 150 dpi). To better understand resolution, we suggest you look at our blog post that explains it here.

While we do have a host of panoramic sizes to choose from in our drop down menu, we do also check to make sure that your image fits the dimensions you’ve specified. If the image won’t fit the dimensions, we will happy suggest alternative sizes that will work, and we will send you proofs to approve.

Why should I print panoramic photos?

Now, this could be a whole new blog post (who knows, stay tuned!). Panoramic photo prints offer a beautiful view of cityscapes, mountaintops, oceans, and more. A view that can only be paralleled by seeing it for real. They command attention in any space they hang.

That being said, they make an excellent focal point for any long, empty space. Over a mantelpiece, a bed, a couch, or dining room table. Because they are longer than they are tall, they also make an excellent starting point for gallery walls since you are able to hang other images or knickknacks above and below the print. Essentially, this creates symmetry, which is very aesthetically pleasing.

As usual, we are always here to help! Feel free to contact us at anytime!