Photo of the Week: Shark Photo Print

I love Shark Week on T.V. There are few programs more captivating than Why Sharks Attack, Killer Sharks, and Shallow Water Sharks. After tuning in, I can only be in awe at the ocean. It is hard to believe how many deadly, but cool creatures live in the ocean. While I watch from my couch, some folks, like our client Diane, jump right into the water. This week’s photo of the week comes from our daredevil Diane, who captured this stunning shark photo.

Before we get into our usual discussion about the process and the photo, I’d like to take this time to flex some knowledge I’ve learned about sharks. Did you know that sharks are over 400 million years old? And that there are 400 different species of sharks? We are all familiar with the Great White shark, Bull shark, Tiger shark and hammerhead sharks. But, there are others, like the basking shark, blue tip shark, and angel shark, that aren’t so familiar to us. It is a little bit scary to think about how many of these prehistoric predators are just swimming around the globe.

But, of course, the point being: you certainly learn a lot during Shark Week!

The Process…

When Diane first sent us this photo, I couldn’t believe it was real. I went around to the team and asked them to place a bet on whether or not that was actually her in the photo. It was a split room: half said real, half said Photoshop. Regardless, Diane knew she wanted to create a shark photo print, but wasn’t sure what medium would capture the image the best. As usual, we directed her to our compare mediums page, so we could show her the various options.

And, I love Shark Week just as much as I love a good mystery. So I analyzed her image, I won’t lie, I was one of the ones who thought this was Photoshop. My first thought was that the image looked too perfect to be real. There was little water turbulence from the shark swimming, so there was a chance the shark was edited in. But, the scale of Diane and the shark seemed to be accurate. And the fish swimming around the shark seemed too natural for them to be shopped. Either this was some very good photo editing work, or the image was real.

There was only one way to find out. So after all the bets were in, I gave Diane a call. I told her about our office bet, and she laughed. She confirmed that the image was real, not photoshopped. She and the photographer were so lucky to have captured such an exhilarating moment. The shark must have been 10-12 ft long, at least double the size of the divers. And while I do watch a lot of shark shows, I am no expert at identifying them. It could be a Great White, but I forgot to ask Diane.

shark photo print
Doesn’t get much cooler than this!

The Image: Shark Photo Print

Although we never received a final shot of this image as a hung acrylic print, we still had to include it in our Photo of the Week. A shot like this deserves sharing. As mentioned, we showed her what her image would look like as various mediums, and she decided to go for an acrylic photo print with a floating frame. She chose the frame option as it adds an elegant border around the image, and really draws attention to the print.

The blue water shines beautifully on acrylic, making the whole Shark Photo print appear majestic.

Diane’s final print was a 48×32″ 1/8″ thick acrylic with a floating frame. For a shot as excellent as this one, she pulled out all the stops. Though we can’t see it hung up in her home, I can still imagine how much attention the print commands. A shark photo print such as that is sure to leave jaws on the floor. No pun intended.

As always, we’re on hand to answer any of your questions. Even shark-related questions. Okay, maybe not shark-related questions. But shark photo print questions, we can definitely help you with. And if you aren’t feeling adventurous enough to jump into the ocean and swim with predators, you can always find some fantastic shark images, or underwater images on sites like Adobe Stock and Shutterstock!

And, if you are interested in taking your own underwater photos, check out our handy how-to guide here on our blog!

Interested in being part of our Photo of the Week Series? Simply send us a photo of your print through WeTransfer, and a little blurb about the print! We always love seeing our customer’s creations, and we can’t wait to show it off!